Piziheng embedded: review of domestic risc-v core MCU manufacturers (products released in 2021)


Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng introduces to youDomestic risc-v core MCU manufacturers (2021)

Although the risc-v trend has been blowing for several years, 2019 is the first year for it to really enter the mainstream market. Recently, a large number of domestic chip companies have risen, and many of them want to do something in the new circuit of risc-v. after all, ARM core is already a red sea, while risc-v is still in the blue sea. Today, piziheng will take an inventory of the manufacturers that have released risc-v MCU products (not necessarily in mass production)

  • Note 1: This article mainly includes those manufacturers that release risc-v MCU in 2021.
  • Note 2: This article will continue to update, welcome to leave a message to tell me the missing manufacturers.

1、 Hangshun chip hk32u1xx9

Hk32u1xx9 series products adopt heterogeneous integration architecture: risc-v processor n203 is responsible for communication and control; Arm Cortex-M3 is responsible for the calculation. In addition, the chip also has MMU hardware level system resource access management (configuration granularity is refined to each peripheral), self-developed IPC dual core communication control protocol, efficient data interaction between dual cores, and supports two-wire JTAG / SWD debugging interface and five wire JTAG debugging interface.

2、 Flathead ch2601

Ch2601 is risc-v eco chip based on xuantie e906, with a maximum frequency of 220mhz. It supports Alios things operating system, pingtouge yoc software platform and pingtouge Jianchi development tool (CDK).

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