Piziheng embedded: review of domestic risc-v core MCU manufacturers (products released in 2019)


Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng introduces to youDomestic risc-v core MCU manufacturers (2019)

Although the risc-v trend has been blowing for several years, 2019 is the first year for it to really enter the mainstream market. Recently, a large number of domestic chip companies have risen, and many of them want to do something in the new circuit of risc-v. after all, ARM core is already a red sea, while risc-v is still in the blue sea. Today, piziheng will take an inventory of the manufacturers that have released risc-v MCU products (not necessarily in mass production)

  • Note 1: This article mainly includes those manufacturers that release risc-v MCU in 2019.
  • Note 2: This article will continue to update, welcome to leave a message to tell me the missing manufacturers.

1、 Wuqi technology wq5000 / 7000 series

Wq5106 local speech recognition chip is a high performance, artificial intelligence chip, mainly used in automatic speech recognition. It integrates two high-performance 32-bit RISC CPUs @ 200MHz, supports floating-point operation and SIMD operation based on high-speed on-chip bus, and has built-in high-speed, large capacity DDR DRAM and up to 800KB on-chip SRAM, providing reliable and high-speed data storage for the system. Based on the optimized algorithm, the artificial intelligence system of the chip can effectively realize the function of deep learning (DL) and greatly reduce the power consumption of the system.

2、 Core interconnection Xuan Ji cle

Xuanji cle series is a general-purpose embedded MCU processor based on 32-bit risc-v core (quark Q Series). It is mainly used in white goods, industrial control, Internet of things and other applications that require high stability, power consumption and computing power.

Xuanji cle series has ultra-high bandwidth and two-stage pipelined risc-v Harvard architecture. Its computing performance can reach 45 DMIPS at the highest operating frequency of 32mhz, meeting the ultra-low power consumption design. The full function standby power consumption is 7.5% μ A. The dynamic power consumption is 51 μ A / MHz, suitable for 1.6v-5.5v ultra wide working voltage. Xuanji has a large capacity of eflash, code cache and data cache, rich communication peripheral interfaces, and built-in high-precision OSC oscillator. It is worth mentioning that Xuanji cle series ram reaches 48KB, which can fully meet the control requirements of different household appliances and application scenarios.

  • Release time: April, 2019
  • Product homepage: n / A

3、 Time engine technology at10xx

At1000 is a low-cost, high integration and low-power chip for intelligent voice interaction and intelligent control. It adopts risc-v main control processor independently developed by time engine technology.

4、 Ziguang zhanruichunteng 5882

Ivy 5882 is a highly integrated TWS single-chip solution, which supports Bluetooth 5. Different from the solution of TWS left and right ear asynchronous transmission in the market, Ziguang zhanrui adopts a multi connection scheme independently developed. It has its own patent and has been authorized by China and the United States Patent Office. It can achieve excellent performance of low power consumption and low delay. It adopts TWS Bluetooth headset technology independently developed by Ziguang zhanrui, which can achieve ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low delay, and provide users with high-quality dual master ear experience.

5、 Youwei technology upd350

Upd350 series are USB PD family products with a new architecture of Youwei technology. The new product supports USB PD 3.0/type-c controller, and a more open and flexible risc-v kernel processor is adopted in the system kernel. This series of products can be used to support enhanced PD applications.

6、 Chinese species jx1

Jx1 adopts 55nm process, has heterogeneous dual core risc-v processor core, and integrates programmable AI special accelerator, which can replace the existing arm Cortex-M series core. The computing power can easily cope with low dimensional sensor signals such as sound, motion sensor, low-resolution image, etc.

7、 Zhaoyi innovation gd32vf103

Gd32vf103 Series MCU adopts a new Bumblebee processor core based on risc-v open source instruction set architecture. It is a commercial risc-v processor core independently and jointly developed by gigadevice and nucleus system technology, a leading IP and solution manufacturer of risc-v processor core in China, for Internet of things and other ultra-low power scenarios.

Gd32vf103 series risc-v MCU provides 108MHz operation frequency, 16kb to 128KB on-chip flash memory and 6KB to 32KB SRAM cache, gflash ® Patented technology supports the kernel to access flash memory with high speed and zero wait. The Bumblebee kernel also has built-in single cycle hardware multiplier, hardware divider and acceleration unit to meet the challenges of advanced computing and data processing.

8、 Yuefang technology BF-2

BF2 chip (Xijiao), the first generation chip of Yuefang technology, a chip business subsidiary of Galanz holdings, has been industrialized (based on risc-v processor IP provided by saifang Technology), covering WiFi and Bluetooth functions. It has passed security certification and can be used in smart home appliances, and has been applied in Galanz microwave ovens. In addition, Xijiao chip has been connected with IOT public cloud such as graffiti and Jingdong, and is also used in intelligent lamp, intelligent socket, home appliance master and other interconnected products.

  • Release time: October 2019
  • Product homepage: n / A

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