Piziheng embedded: Design of rt-mp4player based on NXP i.mxrt1060


Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng introduces to youReference design of MP4 player based on i.mxrt1062

i. Mxrt1062 is the middle end model of NXP I. mxrt four digit series. It has balanced peripheral matching, supplemented by the burst performance of 600MHz main frequency.

In order to let you know the ability of i.mxrt1062, I’d like to share a design of MP4 player based on i.mxrt1062-evk development board. The MP4 source file is obtained from SD card, and the ffmpeg library is used for soft decoding. Finally, the decoded video (yuv) data is converted by PXP and displayed on LCD screen, and the audio (PCM) data is played through on-board codec (wm8960) and headphones.

Function module diagram:

In fact, this design has been developed and optimized intermittently for more than a year, and the core MP4 file decoding and playback have been completed. The design mainly refers to three routines in the SDK package: after reading the audio source from SD card, configure codec to use Sai and DMA for data transmission (SAI), configure elcdif module to drive LCD display, and configure PXP module for image color space conversion (YUV2RGB) and scaling.


In addition, the core MP4 decoding function uses the famous ffmpeg library, which takes a lot of trouble to cut. Because the latest library version 4. X is quite different from the previous version, and the 3. X version has more information, we choose the classic version 3.0.11. Learning about ffmpeg library has gained a lot from Lei Xiaohua’s CSDN blog. Thank Raytheon!

All hardware list:

1. MIMXRT1060-EVK (Rev.A)

Physical connection diagram (with 1280×800 screen)

Code is open source, will continue to add features (consider adding GUI, general player selection, pause, fast forward and other control functions), welcome interested partners to join the development!

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