Pingcap won the outstanding contribution award of financial technology product innovation in 2020


The “2020 China financial technology annual meeting and the 11th award ceremony of financial technology and service excellence innovation” sponsored by financial electronization magazine was broadcast online on December 18.With the theme of “striving for a new era and a new journey”, Liu Qi, founder and CEO of pingcap, as a leading manufacturer of enterprise level open source distributed database, was invited to participate in the summitWords. The conference commended the outstanding solutions with major breakthroughs in the practice, exploration and application of financial technology in 2020,The application solution of tidb open source massive distributed database in insurance core transaction business won the “outstanding contribution award of financial technology product innovation in 2020”, which fully affirmed pingcap’s innovation achievements and ability in the field of financial technology.

Pingcap won the outstanding contribution award of financial technology product innovation in 2020

At the meeting, LV Zhongtao, chief technology officer of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Liu qiuwan, chief information officer of Bank of China, Jin Panshi, chief information officer of China Construction Bank, pan Runhong, deputy general manager of China Financial Electronic Corporation, and Mr. Liu Qi, CEO of pingcap, held summit dialogue and shared insights and discussions in the field of financial technology.

Liu Qi said, “as a technology enterprise focusing on the development of distributed database basic software, Pingkai star is deeply responsible for China’s economy entering the” fourteenth five year plan “period and the acceleration of financial technology layout construction today. Over the past few years, we’ve invested resources throughout the company and the team,We will spare no effort to polish the core product tidb distributed database, help financial enterprises open up data fusion channels, help build cloud data processing capabilities, and support and guarantee more secure, stable and controllable database servicesIn recent years, we have made great efforts in the production research and implementation, and achieved certain results. The financial science and technology development plan issued by the central bank puts forward further requirements for our goals. From the 13th five year plan to the 14th five year plan, we are deeply impressed by our experience and practical reflectionFocus and all-out investmentIn the future, we can help more financial technology enterprises and their ongoing digital transformation construction at the level of basic software. At the same time, we will use our genes of open source and joint innovation to build a sustainable and future oriented basic software ecosystem and talent system in this direction. “

Since its establishment, Pingkai star has been actively involved in the development and innovation of financial industry and financial technology enterprises. In the past two years, Pingkai star has participated in the cooperation between some financial institutions and financial technology enterprisesInclusive Finance, online payment, credit management, risk control and other aspects of the constructionThrough modern technical means and some long-term core capabilities to help usersImproving data processing capability in financial servicesAnd the efficiency of external financial services. It fully meets the high standard requirements of the financial industry for the stability, security and performance of the database, and becomes the key enabling platform for the “steady + sensitive” two wheel drive development in the digital transformation of financial institutions.

Pingcap won the outstanding contribution award of financial technology product innovation in 2020

Liu Qi, founder and CEO of pingcap

While accumulating service experience, the company is also thinking deeply about the future financial service scene, and how to integrate the advanced nature of the technology architecture with the business scenario, and integrate the whole team.The continuous focus on investment in the direction of product technology is transformed into improving the user productivity of the financial industry. In response, Liu Qi said that he will continue to increase investment in building financial grade distributed databases,Insist on focusing, insist on opening, insist on ecosystem construction and joint innovation and developmentTo seize the opportunity of China’s economic development and the evolution of financial technology, and serve more financial technology users down-to-earth.

At the same time, as a leading manufacturer of open source distributed database, tidb’s application solution of open source massive distributed database in insurance core transaction business won the “outstanding contribution award of financial technology product innovation in 2020”.This solution successfully migrates the core business scenarios of China Life Insurance’s Guoshou Tiancai non auto insurance and electronic insurance to tidb cluster, providing efficient and stable database services for customer identity authentication, insurance, bank policy processing and electronic invoice issuing of non auto insurance and electronic insurance systems, as well as disaster recovery capability of heterogeneous databases, The guarantee requirements of RPO = 0 and RTO < 30 seconds are realized. This project is the first batch of domestic distributed database cases with newsql architecture adopted by large domestic property insurance companies, which provides a highly referential construction practice reference sample for realizing digital transformation in the financial industry and solving the key business operation and development of financial enterprises with high concurrency and high throughput. I would also like to sincerely thank China Life Insurance for its trust and support to tidb.

Pingcap, founded in 2015, is an enterprise level open source distributed database manufacturer, providing open source distributed database products, solutions and consulting, technical support and training certification services. It is committed to providing stable, efficient, safe, reliable, open and compatible new data infrastructure for global industry users, and liberating enterprise productivity, Accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Tidb, a distributed relational database created by pingcap, is built for the key business of enterprises. It has the core characteristics of “distributed strong consistency transactions, online elastic horizontal expansion, high availability of fault self recovery, and multiple activities across data centers”, helping enterprises maximize the value of data and fully release the growth space of enterprises.

So far, it has been used in online production environment by more than 1500 enterprises in the world, including China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, involving finance, operators, manufacturing, retail, Internet, government and other industries.