Picture station realized by flash


It is said that Douban sister paper is good, who asked who knows…


Please don’t be shy when I visit Douban often. I can’t look directly at the eyes of several groups. In my heart, I will never go to these groups again. … but I can’t stand up to the thighs of mushrooms and white flowers. Then I read these posts every day, but it takes too much time to read them. I only like to watch mushroom cool, not to read reviews, and then I started to capture the pictures in the group and show them in the form of waterfall. It’s better to be alone than to be happy with others, but don’t call me Lei Feng

Why are these mushrooms so large for drying? I think the reasons are as follows:

Douban is a community of strangers. The people in the group basically have no intersection in the real society, so there is basically no psychological burden.

These mushrooms want to be quickly understood and recognized by others. Gu Liang often says that if the reviews are more than 500 floors, they will have a high-definition and large positive picture. They all care about the number of likes, the number of comments, and the number of YP soybean oil. These figures reflect the recognition of others for her appearance.

There is also a part of the occasional empty lonely cold hair map.

Let’s talk about the details of bold sun drying technology.

Scratch with scratch, grab every hour, and then save the results as a JSON file. Douban has restrictions on the number of visits. I used it http://www.samair.ru/proxy-by-country/China-01.htm After obtaining these agents, we need to verify whether they are anonymous agents and verify the speed of accessing Douban. At present, agents with connection and read time longer than 3S are filtered out.

The timing script then input the data into the database and store the pictures in beansdb.

The website uses my favorite flash. Django is too bulky. You can refer to the official documents of flash as well http://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/the-flask-mega-tutorial-part-i-hello-world The front end uses bootstrap and Mason.

Nginx + gunicorn is used for deployment. Gunicorn is used as the container of Python CGI, which can be referred to http://www.onurguzel.com/how-to-run-flask-applications-with-nginx-using-gunicorn/ By the way, I started to make complaints about uwsgi with the Tucao, and fix the information on the Internet for half a day. Then I switched to gunicorn.

Background of the manual audit, the timing will leak points or low-quality pictures deleted.

The website address is http://dadanshai.com

My Douban is http://www.douban.com/people/yytv5/ Shyness, cover your face…