“Pi Zi Heng embedded semimonthly” issue 15


PI Zi Heng embedded bimonthly: issue 15

Here are some useful and interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The Lunar New Year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release an issue on time on each festival day.

This journal is an open source projectJayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly)You are welcome to submit an issue, contribute or recommend what you know about embedded systems.

Review of the previous issue“Pi Zi Heng embedded semimonthly: issue 14”


Today is the White Dew, until the White Dew, basically ended the sultry summer days, the weather gradually turned cool, it is the turning point in autumn when the sultry turned to cool.

As in the past, WeChat wrote the first personal experience Series in the official account of the WeChat. I never expected that the reaction would be good. Next, the ruffian will continue to write more insights. The language is as plain as ever, and is absolutely personal experience, and I hope it will enlighten us in the future work.

This issue contains 2 pieces of information, 2 items and 2 tools. I hope it will help you!


1. Huahong semiconductor recently launched 90nm ultra-low leakage embedded flash technology platform to help large capacity MCU solutions

Recently, Huahong semiconductor, a foundry, announced the launch of 90nm ultra-low leakage current eflash and EEPROM technology platform to meet the requirements of large capacity microcontrollers.

Information homepage:https://www.huahonggrace.com/c/news.php

The process platform has the following characteristics:

-The leakage current of 1.5V core n-type and p-type mos transistors reaches 0.2pa/μ m, effectively prolonging the standby time of MCU

As a continuation of Huahong semiconductor’s 0.11 micron ultra-low leakage current technology, the process platform provides chip designers with competitive differentiated solutions with lower power consumption and cost, and is suitable for applications in the Internet of things, wearable devices, industry and automotive electronics.

2. Linsheng technology releases the first aiot chip – ja310

Information homepage:http://www.eepw.com.cn/article/202008/417677.htm

Recently, Lingsheng technology held a “core vision” product conference in Chengdu, and launched its first aiot SOC product ja310.

This ja310 chip has the following characteristics:

-Using Samsung 11nm FinFET process, compared with Samsung's 28nm process, the power consumption is reduced by 70%

This ja310 is mainly used in intelligent monitoring, face recognition, video conference, vehicle terminal, motion camera and other intelligent Internet of things applications.

Project category

1. Simple dynamic strings – an enhanced C string processing library

Simple dynamic strings (SDS) is a C language string library, which aims to enhance the limited libc string processing function by adding heap allocated strings.

Project home page:https://github.com/antirez/sds

Instead of using the C structure to represent a string, the SDS design uses a binary prefix stored before the actual pointer to the string returned by SDS to the user.

The characteristics of SDS are as follows:

-It is easier to use;

SDS is a C string developed by the author in the past to meet the needs of daily c programming. Later, it was moved to redis, where it was widely used and modified for high-performance operation. Now it’s extracted from redis and forks as a separate project.

2. Plooc – a set of carefully polished C macro templates

Plooc is a project maintained by Zhuo ran, the great God King of arm. It is a group of carefully polished C macro templates to provide protection for private class members. The template makes full use of the ANSI-C mandatory Compilation Rules to provide the required OO features at the least cost.

Project home page:https://github.com/GorgonMeducer/PLOOC

Plooc features are as follows:

-Support protected members


1. Q-dir-a practical multi window resource manager

Tools Home Page:http://q-dir.com

Most of the embedded Er development work is carried out under the windows environment, and the frequency of opening the projects, documents and software distributed in different folders is quite high. The resource manager of windows itself is extremely inconvenient for multi folder operation. As a multi window resource manager, this Q-Dir software contains all the functions of windows native resource manager, and also adds many additional functions. Dear embedded ers are worth having.

Q-Dir has the following characteristics:

-Quick access to frequently used folders

2. Mobaxterm – terminal artifact that meets all your requirements

Mobaxterm is a free enhanced terminal for windows, with X11 server, tab SSH client, network tools and other functions.

Software home page:https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/

Mobaxterm has the following features:

-Fully configured xserver based on X.org

For embedded Er, mobaxterm can provide good support for serial port tools commonly used in MCU development, remote terminal commonly used in MPU development, or embedded players who want to use SSH to connect open source hardware like raspberry PI.

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