PI Zi Heng embedded: rt-ufl-a super download algorithm design for full platform i.mxrt


Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. What I bring you today is rt-ufl, an open source project of PI Ziheng.

In the process of i.mxrt customer project support in the past two years, PI Ziheng encountered a quite high frequency problem, that is, making i.mxrt download algorithm. We know that i.mxrt has no built-in nonvolatile memory. Generally, it needs a piece of external memory for loading and starting. The most common way is to plug in serial nor flash through flexspi peripherals. With NOR flash, we can start off-line or debug online, and online debugging is inevitable without download algorithm.

Because it is plug-in flash, the download algorithm needs to be determined according to the connection and model of flash, which needs to make a matching download algorithm according to the actual situation of the customer board. Download algorithm for people who understand its principle, making one is not difficult, but for people who do not understand it is not easy. From the perspective of i.mxrt’s original factory technical support, we don’t want to do repeated work again and again. Based on this, piziheng launched an open source project, named rt-ufl, to design a super download algorithm. This project is still in the research and development stage. If you have better suggestions and ideas, please leave a message at the bottom of the article.

Project address:https://github.com/JayHeng/RT-UFL

1、 Introduction

Rt-ufl is a general flash download Algorithm Project for i.mxrt on the whole platform. The ultimate goal of the project is to make a. FLM file applicable to all i.mxrt development boards, no matter which flash model it is connected to.

Rt-ufl is mainly used to solve the following seven pain points

1. Each I. mxrt model needs a separate download algorithm file

Rt-ufl is divided into three layers in design

  • The bottom layer is the driver layer: low level driver. For i.mxrt, it is the driver of flexspi module.
  • The middle layer is adapter layer: this layer is the core, which realizes the adaptive support of all i.mxrt platform and all flash models.
  • The top layer is the API layer: This belongs to the download algorithm template, which is actually determined by the integrated development environment (KEIL, JLINK) and cannot be changed.

2、 Characteristics

In order to make rt-ufl a super download algorithm, it should contain at least the following eight features:

1. It can run under all i.mxrt models

Piziheng will record all the difficulties and solutions in the development process of rt-ufl project, and share with you the secret behind the download algorithm design. Please look forward to the follow-up articles!

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