PI Zi Heng embedded: NXP MCU integrated development environment and development tools tutorial index


Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. What this series ruffian Heng introduces to you isKnowledge of NXP MCU development environment and tools

The MCU product line of NXP semiconductor is very wide, and its supporting software development tools are also very powerful, which can basically cover all kinds of tools needed in the whole process of project development. Making good use of these tools can greatly accelerate the project development.

This series of articles will introduce mcuxpresso IDE and mcuxpresso config tools one by one.

Mcuxpresso ide experience (under continuous update… 2 / 2)

Notes on debugging flash with j-link download algorithm in mcuxpresso IDE

Method of adding C + + source files into SDK project compilation under mcuxpresso IDE