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Bimonthly: the 21st issue

Here we share some interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The Lunar New Year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release one issue on time on the day of each festival.

This journal is an open source projectJayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly)Welcome to issue, contribute or recommend the embedded things you know.

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A little chatter

It snowed heavily yesterday. The name “heavy snow” is a metaphor. It reflects the climate change during this solar term, the cold current is active, the temperature drops and the precipitation increases. It does not mean that there will be heavy snow during this solar term.

Today’s semimonthly is the second time in history that it has been postponed, but fortunately, only one day. At the end of last month, piziheng held the first prize drawing activity for readers in more than three years. The activity got everyone’s positive response, which was beyond piziheng’s expectation. At the same time, piziheng also made a deep introspection. It should send some benefits to readers on a regular basis. No, piziheng is talking about an activity of sending development board. Please look forward to it!

This issue contains 2 pieces of information, 2 projects, 1 tool and 1 RT product. I hope it can help you!


1. New member of risc-v processor family, 900 series IP

Recently, xinlai technology released the new member of risc-v processor family – 900 series IP, which has rich configuration and supports a variety of operating systems to meet the needs of industrial control, AI and other high-performance computing, or interactive graphics multimedia applications and other fields. It is very suitable for benchmarking arm cortex-a35, A53, M7, R5 and other cores.

All the products of the 900 series of core technology are 9-stage pipeline and dual transmitter architecture, which can be combined by modularization to facilitate users to customize according to their field needs

The N900 is a 32-bit high-performance embedded and real-time control processor;

2. China Mobile’s first MCU chip cm32m101a released

Recently, China Mobile officially released its first MCU chip cm32m101a, which is used for Internet of things products. It has the characteristics of high integration, low power consumption, low cost, high performance interface and encrypted memory. Especially suitable for Internet of things industry applications, such as intelligent meters, environmental monitoring, smart home, anti-theft alarm, locator and smart home appliances.

Cm32m101a has abundant resources on chip. Up to 108MHz core can provide high computing power. Compared with the same price products, it provides larger and more reliable storage unit. Extremely low power consumption, especially suitable for the Internet of things terminal battery powered scene. At the same time, the chip has hardware security algorithm acceleration module, which can provide stronger security capability for IOT terminals.

Project category

1. Flexible button – a small and flexible C language key processing library

Flexiblebutton is a small and flexible key processing library based on standard C language. It supports click, combo, short press, long press and automatic dithering elimination. It can set combination keys freely and can be used in interrupt and low-power scenarios.

Project home page:https://github.com/murphyzhao/FlexibleButton

The key library decouples the specific key hardware structure, supports touch keys and self-locking keys in theory, and can expand the number of keys infinitely. In addition, flexible button uses scanning to read all the key states at one time, and then reports key events through event callback mechanism. The core key scan code is only three lines. Yes, it is the classic three line key scan algorithm. Using C language standard library API, the key library can be seamlessly compatible with any processor platform, and support any OS and non OS (bare metal programming).

2. Letter shell – an open source embedded shell tool

For embedded applications, especially for those without operating system and running on bare metal, an efficient debugging method is urgently needed to develop embedded applications. Letter shell is such a shell that can be embedded in the program. It is mainly for embedded devices. It takes C language functions as the running unit and can be called through the command line to run the functions in the program.

Project home page:https://github.com/NevermindZZT/letter-shell

The current version of letter shell is V3.0, and its main functions include:

1. Command automatic completion

The letter shell supports two kinds of function definition methods at the same time, such as func (int argc, char * agrv [] defined by main function) and func (int i, char * STR,…) defined by common C function. The two kinds of function definition methods are suitable for different scenarios.


1. Serialchart – software that can draw serial data into waveform in real time

Serialchart is an open source software developed by Sergeu baluta. It can be used to draw data received through serial (RS-232) port in real time. It can support other types of ports through plug-in and WebView JavaScript integration. The software is modular in design, allowing the excited encoder to add new types of ports, decoders and display filters.

The basic data processing flow of serialchart is: port (raw data from serial / USB port) – > decoder (processing data) – > value (displayed on the screen / chart).

Download address:https://github.com/starlino/serialchart

i. Mxrt products

1. Wildfire Electronics – firedap high speed simulator

Firedap is a deeply optimized Emulator Based on CMSIS DAP, which integrates online hardware simulation and firmware download. It is driver free and suitable for all Cortex-M core MCU. The firmware has been deeply optimized, the download speed is stable, and the firmware is not lost. The firedap host computer developed exclusively by wildfire can download hex, bin, elf and AXF files without compiling software.

RT chip: i.mxrt1011

Product homepage:https://www.firebbs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=30894&highlight=fireDAP

Official website price: 138 yuan

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