Phpstudy Linux web panel (small leather panel) version 0.2 officially released


What is a small leather panel?

Small leather panel is a server environment construction and management tool developed and launched by the official team of phpstudy for Linux server.

It can build and manage the server environment conveniently and quickly through the web end, and add a strong security protection function to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency and server security and stability!

In order to facilitate memory, more professional and brand promotion, we have enabled the “XP. CN” domain name, so phpstudy Linux web panel is officially named “small leather Linux web panel”, which is short for “small leather panel”.

Software system requires operating system:

New system (support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, deep in), etc. Please make sure your system is pure and not involved in any environment (APACHE \ nginx \ PHP \ MySQL \ FTP)
Phpstudy for Linux is developed for docker core, so it is recommended to use centos7.xx system version memory requirement: memory requirement is 512MB at least, 768mb above is recommended, and pure panel occupies 60MB of system memory

Installation method (phpstudy for Linux version 0.2 public beta)

After connecting to your Linux server using the SSH connection tool, start the installation according to the system command (about 2 minutes to complete the panel installation):

CentOS installation script

yum install -ywget && && sh 
Ubuntu installation script WGet - O & & sudo bash

Why develop a small Linux panel?

Looking at the domestic market of Linux server integrated environment, either it is old and can not keep up with the pace of the times; or it is cloud service, which is not conducive to the security of the program; or it needs to pay a large amount of fees to use.

So we always want to develop a Linux server panel that can be continuously updated, safe and easy to use, and free of charge (we have also developed a phpstudy for Linux 2014 Version (command line), but it can no longer meet the needs of users)

For this reason, the official team of phpstudy has made a plan for a long time. It took more than a year to finally develop the phpstudy for Linux panel, which has been continuously tested internally. At present, the version of v0.2 has become stable and officially released!

What is the biggest feature of small leather panel?

Visual rapid deployment:

“No hard to match server environment in the world!” This is the product spirit we have always believed in. Small leather Linux panel software takes up very low resources, supports visual installation, and quickly builds the web server environment, including various functional configurations, which is very convenient and fast!

Full function:

Including the “lamp” or “LNMP” software necessary for the installation of web environment, in addition to the web configuration, security configuration, monitoring report, file management, operation log, WAF website firewall, etc., the functions are still increasing!

Efficient operation and maintenance:

Through the visualized Web terminal panel, hundreds of websites can be easily deployed and managed. In addition, the operation of servers and websites can be monitored at any time to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency!

Safe and stable:

The website can’t be opened or hacked for three days is the most headache for the operation and maintenance personnel, so in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the server environment, phpstudy team has built a strong firewall system, which can be comparable to a cloud firewall system.

Constantly updated:

Phpstudy is constantly upgraded, updated and maintained to ensure the latest status, such as software version, security update, function upgrade, bug repair, etc. only with a strong team to maintain, can users feel at ease! Next, we will develop, multi-user rights, independent docker container operation of each site, load balancing, independent cache database and MySQL independent server one click deployment, etc.

All software is free:

“No hard to match server environment in the world!” Has been our original intention of development! Phpstudy Windows version of the integrated environment, since its launch, has been loved by the majority of webmasters, nearly one million users use! In 2019, our newly launched panel products continue to uphold the spirit of public welfare sharing and continue to be free. Welcome to use!

Your support is our driving force!

In 2019, phpstudy continues to provide a better product and strive to create a classic product again! Looking forward to the introduction of phpstudy Linux web panel (small leather panel), which can be recognized by the majority of users!