PHP wechat payment function example


The example of this article describes the PHP wechat payment function. To share with you for your reference, as follows:

Wechat development SDK: PHP is used in this article_ sdk_ v3.0.9 :

import("wxpay.lib.AppPay#Config", EXTEND_PATH, ".php");
import("wxpay.lib.WxPay#Api", EXTEND_PATH, ".php");
$config = new \AppPayConfig();
//Order No
$appId = $config->GetAppId();
$key = $config->GetKey();
$money = 0.01 * 100;
$orderSn = 'M201810241754107557';//Order No;
$curTime = time();
$input = new \WxPayUnifiedOrder();
$input - > setbody ("user red packet");
$unifiedOrder = \WxPayApi::unifiedOrder($config, $input);
if ($unifiedOrder['result_code'] == 'SUCCESS' && $unifiedOrder['return_code'] == 'SUCCESS') {
  /*$unifiedorder consists of:
   * ["appid"] => string(18) "wx2xxxx49"
  ["mch_id"] => string(10) "1xxxxxx01"
  ["nonce_str"] => string(16) "1GnEUXTuTcFtJVtb"
  ["prepay_id"] => string(36) "wx241933xxx68fa24ece70611692955"
  ["result_code"] => string(7) "SUCCESS"
  ["return_code"] => string(7) "SUCCESS"
  ["return_msg"] => string(2) "OK"
  ["sign"] => string(32) "7903xxxxx4710E460CB156"
  ["trade_type"] => string(3) "APP"*/
  $curTime = time();
  //Part I
  $wxpayResult = new \WxPayResults();
  $wxpayResult->SetData('appid', $unifiedOrder['appid']);
  $wxpayResult->SetData('partnerid', $unifiedOrder['mch_id']);
  $wxpayResult->SetData('prepayid', $unifiedOrder['prepay_id']);
  $wxpayResult->SetData('noncestr', $unifiedOrder['nonce_str']);
  $data = $wxpayResult->GetValues();
  //Part II
  $data['appid'] = $unifiedOrder['appid'];
  $data['partnerid'] = $unifiedOrder['mch_id'];
  $data['prepayid'] = $unifiedOrder['prepay_id'];
  $data['noncestr'] = $unifiedOrder['nonce_str'];;
  $data['timestamp'] = $curTime;
  $data['package'] = "Sign=WXPay";
  $data['sign'] = $this->wxappPaySign ($key, $data); //$unifiedOrder['sign']; // signature; the specific signature scheme is referred to WeChat official account for payment assistance documents;
} else {
  Log::write(var_export($unifiedOrder, true));
  $this - > returnerror (300, 'wechat payment failed');
private function wxappPaySign($key,$parameters)
  $sign = md5(sprintf("appid=%s&noncestr=%s&package=%s&partnerid=%s&prepayid=%s&timestamp=%s&key=%s",
  return strtoupper($sign);

The functions of the first part and the second part are the same.

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