PHP uses pthreads V3 Multithread to achieve Sina News information capture operation example


This article describes how PHP uses pthreads V3 multithreading to capture Sina News Information. The details are as follows:

We use pthreads to write a multithreaded page grabbing applet and store the results in the database.

The data table structure is as follows:

CREATE TABLE `tb_sina` (
 `id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'ID',
 `URL ` varchar (256) default '' comment 'URL address',
 `Title ` varchar (128) default '' comment 'title',
 `time` datetime DEFAULT NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_ Timestamp comment 'time',
)Engine = InnoDB default chart = utf8mb4 comment ='sina news';

The code is as follows:


class DB extends Worker
  private static $db;
  private $dsn;
  private $root;
  private $pwd;

  public function __construct($dsn, $root, $pwd)
    $this->dsn = $dsn;
    $this->root = $root;
    $this->pwd = $pwd;

  public function run()
    //Create connection object
    self::$db = new PDO($this->dsn, $this->root, $this->pwd);

    //Put require in the worker thread, not in the main thread, otherwise an error will be reported and no class will be found
    require './vendor/autoload.php';

  //Returns a connection resource
  public function getConn()
    return self::$db;

class Sina extends Thread
  private $name;
  private $url;

  public function __construct($name, $url)
    $this->name = $name;
    $this->url = $url;

  public function run()
    $db = $this->worker->getConn();

    if (empty($db) || empty($this->url)) {
      return false;

    $content = file_get_contents($this->url);
    if (!empty($content)) {
      //Get title, address, time
      $data = QL\QueryList::Query($content, [
        'tit' => ['.c_tit > a', 'text'],
        'url' => ['.c_tit > a', 'href'],
        'time' => ['.c_time', 'text'],
      ], '', 'UTF-8', 'GB2312')->getData();

      //Insert the acquired data into the database
      if (!empty($data)) {
        $sql = 'INSERT INTO tb_sina(`url`, `title`, `time`) VALUES';
        foreach ($data as $row) {
          //Modify the time. Sina's time format is 04-23 15:30
          $time = date('Y') . '-' . $row['time'] . ':00';
          $sql .= "('{$row['url']}', '{$row['tit']}', '{$time}'),";
        $sql = rtrim($sql, ',');
        $ret = $db->exec($sql);

        if ($ret !== false) {
          Echo "thread {$this - > name} successfully inserted {$RET} pieces of data;
        } else {

//Grab page address
$url = '';
//Create pool
$pool = new Pool(5, 'DB', ['mysql:dbname=test;host=', 'root', '']);

//Get 100 paging data
for ($ix = 1; $ix <= 100; $ix++) {
  $pool->submit(new Sina($ix, $url . $ix));

//Loop garbage collection, blocking the main thread, waiting for the end of the child thread
while ($pool->collect()) ;

Due to the use of querylist, you can install it through composer.

composer require jaeger/querylist

However, the installed version is 3.2, and there will be problems in my php7.2. Since each() has been abandoned, I will modify the source code and replace each() with foreach().

The results are as follows

The data is also stored in the database

Of course, you can also get the specific content of the page through the URL again. Here we don’t do the demonstration. Those who are interested can realize it by themselves.

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I hope this article is helpful for PHP programming.

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