PHP tools for visual studio complete available cracking detailed tutorial


As a. Net developer, visual studio has always been a powerful editor favorite, other editors are not able to use, also use is not skilled. Recently, I’ve changed to PHP. I’m not happy to use the PHP editor. I think it’s more comfortable to use visual studio.

The plug-ins supporting visual studio include PHP tools for visual studio and vs.php, among which PHP tools for visual studio is more powerful. But it’s a charge. I have no choice but to find a solution.

The most popular thing on the Internet is

All CSDN, not CSDN, but also jump to CSDN to download cracking package. Also need points, here directly released Baidu disk free download

The address is as follows: link: Password: xprr   Advanced use

Link: Password: kd1s   Rookie use, with documentation

Link: Password: 2b7t

In short, the steps

1. Set up the server locally, and put the default.aspx in the   license   Under the directory
2. Modify the host file, points to the local server
3. Use tools to modify   Devsense.VisualStudio.LicensePackage.dll   file

4. Enter the authorization code casually

matters needing attention:

1. Default.aspx is placed in the   license   Directory is to establish an 80 port website, in the following to establish a virtual directory called license

2. Pay attention to the host permission of win7 and win8, otherwise it is not easy to save

3. Copy “ API. Devsense. Com” to the hosts file under C: / / Windows / system32 / Drivers / etc and save it. Note: only copy the contents in quotation marks; After copying in, you may not have permission to save the file in that folder. You will be prompted to save it to “My Documents”. You will first save it to “My Documents”, then find the saved file, change the file name to hosts, copy it to this folder, and replace the original hosts.

4) In the browser address bar, enter:   Check whether to report an error, do not report an error on the right, I see on my computer is a blank page, report an error please Baidu or Google, generally better to solve.

5) Run phptoolcracker.exe, click browse, locate to C:: (users, administrator, appdata, local, Microsoft, visual studio, 12.0, extensions, devsense, PHP tools for visual studio 2013, 1.14.5514, devsense, visual studio, licensepackage.dll, and click Replace.

The replacement is successful.

be careful:

You must locate the file to devsense.visual studio.licensepackage.dll, as shown in the figure below. If you only go to the folder where the. DLL is located, the “path inaccessible error” will be displayed.


6) Open Visual Studio 2010 / 2012 / 2013… And so on, click the help menu and click “PHP tools for visual studio”

7) Click activate product


8) Enter any one

Conclusion: the most critical step is the fourth step. When the browser opens default.aspx, it will not report the following error.


The cracking process has been completed. The next article explains how to configure PHP and Xdebug