PHP design pattern code examples of null object (25)



The empty object pattern is not a GOF design pattern, but it is enough to be considered a design pattern as a frequent pattern. It has the following advantages:

  • The client code is simple

  • It can reduce the probability of null pointer exception

  • Test cases don’t need to consider too many conditions

Return an object or null should be replaced by a return object or nullobject. Nullobject simplifies rigid code and eliminates condition checking in client code, such as if (! Is)_ Null ($obj)) {$obj – > callsomething();} just $obj – > callsomething().


  • Symfony2: empty log

  • Symfony2: empty output of symfony / console

  • Empty command in command line mode

  • Empty processor in chain of responsibility mode

UML diagram

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  • Service.php
logger = $logger;

     *What to do...
     *'we are in service: dosomething' is returned in the diary.
    public function doSomething()
        //Tip: Here you just use it, not through_ Null () checks if $logger is set.
        $this->logger->log('We are in '.__METHOD__);
  • LoggerInterface.php
  • PrintLogger.php
  • NullLogger.php


  • Tests/LoggerTest.php

     *Test the printlogger object. If you contact the above, you can know that designpatterns / behavioral / nullobject / service:: dosomething has been written in the journal.
    public function testStandardLogger()
        $service = new Service(new PrintLogger());
        $this->expectOutputString('We are in DesignPatterns\Behavioral\NullObject\Service::doSomething');

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