[PHP data structure] summary of PHP data structure and algorithm


This series has been completed intermittently. Like the previous design pattern, this series of algorithms has been written for nearly a year. Of course, they are written in their spare time or in the evening, so the progress is so slow. More importantly, since you want to write, you have to understand it first. It’s really a little difficult for a person who hasn’t been to high school.

Therefore, there may be many mistakes or even mistakes in this series of articles. You are welcome to correct them at any time.

Continue to expand and improve

The course of data structure and algorithm is just a simple entry in my series of articles. Just from the teaching materials, there are still many contents that are not involved. My level is really limited. You can continue to study deeply by yourself.

  • String: string, string matching (BF, KMP)

  • Tree: binary sort tree, balanced binary tree, Huffman tree, B + tree, B-tree, red black tree

  • Figure: topology sorting, critical path

  • Search: block search, gold search

  • Sorting: Hill sort, tree selection sort, heap sort, merge sort, cardinal sort, external sort (multi-channel balanced merge sort, permutation selection sort, most linked merge tree)

reference material

The learning references for this series are:

Data structure, Second Edition, Yan Weimin

Data structure, Second Edition, Chen Yue

High score notes on data structure, 2020 edition, tianqin postgraduate entrance examination

Aha! Algorithm

Algorithm diagram

Bedside algorithm book

Reference audio and video materials are:

Data structure MOOC, Zhejiang University, Chen Yue

Data structure and algorithm video of small turtle


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