PHP connection web service interface


First of all, thank your predecessors.


Originally speaking, docking interface, I thought it was a form of curl interface, but when I finally gave the interface technetium, I was told that it was a web service technetium interface…. (Speechless for 3 seconds.)

There’s no way it’s all like this, just see how it works.

It turns out that it’s actually not much more complicated, not to mention the code.

(`soap.509_cache_enabled', `0'); /// Note that the option soap has caching
        Libxml_disable_entity_loader (false); // Prevent the error that cannot load soap
//        $this->client = new 
        $client = new\ SoapClient ("This is the fill-in interface address", array ('encoding'=>'UTF-8');
// dump ($this - > client - > getFunctions ();// Print Server Method
// dump ($this - > client - > _getTypes ();//print type

Then call the corresponding method to get the data successfully.

$data = $client->gedata();

Finally, we need to pay attention to technetium is the need to transfer technetium method can be seen by printing first.


Here, IN0 and in1 are called as parameter names as key bits as follows



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