PHP code auto generation tool phpmaker 2020 installation and activation tutorial (with replacement patch)


How can phpmaker 2020 be activated?Phpmaker is a PHP code auto generation tool developed by technology. It takes only a few steps to get the full PHP code that used to take hours to complete. Today, Xiaobian brings you the installation and cracking tutorial of this software. Friends who are interested in it will learn about it soon.

Software name:
Phpmaker 2020 (PHP code auto generation tool) v2020.0.0 (with replacement patch + activation tutorial)
Software size:

PHP code auto generation tool phpmaker 2020 installation and activation tutorial

1. Download the software installation package at this site, unzip and run the. Exe installation program

2. Click Next

3. Select “I agree to the…” and click Next

4. Select the software installation location and click Next

5. Click Next

6. Wait a moment to finish the installation, and click Finish to exit the installation wizard

7. Copy and paste the patches in the crack folder of the package into the software installation directory (default location: C: \ program files (x86) \ phpmaker 2020)

8. As shown in the following figure, click Copy and replace

9. Soft operation interface

The above is a tutorial about the installation and activation of PHP code auto generation tool phpmaker 2020 shared by developepaer. I hope it can help you. Developepaer continues to release more information. Welcome to pay attention.

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