PHP algorithm Title: 448 find all the missing numbers in the array


448. Find all the missing numbers in the array

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Difficulty: simple

Title Description

Given an integer array in the range of 1 ≤ a [i] ≤ n (n = array size), some elements in the array appear twice, others appear only once.

Find all numbers in the range [1, n] that do not appear in the array.

Can you do this without using extra space and time complexity O (n)? You can assume that the returned array is not included in the extra space.





Drawer principle: one radish, one pit


Each element in the array has its corresponding array subscript (for example, element 2, whose corresponding array subscript is 1), and what we want to get is those array subscripts that are not matched by elements

     *Drawer principle
     * @param Integer[] $nums
     * @return Integer[]
    function findDisappearedNumbers($nums) {
        $len = count($nums);
        #Match the index with the array element
        #Relationship between subscript and element [element-1 = subscript]
            $index = ($nums[$i]-1)%$len;
            $nums[$index] += $len;
        $res = [];
        #Grabs no matched subscripts
            if($nums[$i] <= $len){
                $res[] = $i+1;

        return $res;


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