Personal push has reached cooperation with apiccloud to realize enterprise accurate push


Personal push has reached cooperation with apiccloud to realize enterprise accurate push

Personal push, the most professional third-party message push technology service provider in China, is launched on the apiccloud platform to help developers realize accurate push and redefine mobile application development through the open mode of API.

Personal push, a third-party news push technology service provider, has been recognized by the majority of enterprises and developers since the opening of push technology in 2012. Now personal push has become an absolute pioneer in the domestic push field. A push helps enterprises and developers establish an efficient and stable push system to ensure the timeliness, effectiveness and stability of APP message push, and save power and traffic for users. As the most professional mobile message push technology solution, personal push provides Android push (Android) and IOS push SDK, so that app can quickly integrate cloud push function, avoid development cost, and effectively improve product activity and user experience. The “smart push” product of personal push 2.0 is dedicated to intelligent and accurate push. Through the function of attribute analysis and push test, it helps to find the most accurate people among app users, abandon blind push technology, and carry out fine operation. At present, the total number of users of push access SDK has exceeded 3 billion, and has provided efficient and stable push technical services for more than 120000 developers and 150000 applications.

Apiccloud is the first “cloud in one” mobile application cloud service provider in China. It has the characteristics of cross platform and low threshold. Using HTML5 with native development greatly reduces the overall development cost of app. Apiccloud believes in the concept of “cloud integration” and redefines mobile application development. Apiccloud provides APIs for developers from the “cloud” and “end” directions, simplifies mobile application development technology, and shortens the development cycle of mobile applications from one month to seven days. Apiccloud consists of “cloud API” and “end API”, which can help developers quickly realize the whole life cycle management of mobile application development, testing, release, management and operation. Apiccloud has a seamless data connection channel from cloud to end. The whole process is encrypted with HTTPS protocol, and the TCP protocol is used to achieve instant arrival.

The cooperation between a push and apiccloud greatly simplifies the development of applications and reduces the threshold for developers, mainly due to the exploration of apiccloud in “end-to-end development”. It is precisely because apiccloud provides many modular functions that makes it possible to “build blocks” development. Developers can only add a push to the “end API” of apiccloud platform through JavaScript language. With simple configuration, they can realize the message push function on IOS and Android platforms, eliminate the development cost and effectively improve the product activity and user experience.

Based on the “cloud API” and “end API” provided by apiccloud, developers can even forget the complicated server-side coding, complex Object-C and Java, and countless screen adaptations.

Personal push aims to help more developers build push systems for free, provide product user activity, increase user stickiness and improve revenue. After this cooperation with apiccloud, personal push hopes to help more developers quickly develop more high-quality applications. Let’s redefine mobile application development and help developers get everything done!