Performance comparison between MRAM and common computer memory


How to store and transfer the information in the new millennium? MRAM chip is a magnetoresistive random access memory. The discovery of GMR image in 1989, the development of GMR materials in the following years, and the manufacture and application of GMR head were all successfulMRAMThe research and development of memory has laid the foundation.


In 1995, IBM, Motorola and Hollywood provided funds for the development of high-density, high-speed and low-cost MRAM chips. The technical specifications and product objectives are as follows:


Technical indicators:

haveSRAM chipThe random access rate of;

It has the high capacity storage density of DRAM chip;

It has the nonvolatile property of data stored in EEPROM chip.


Product objectives:

Replace the DRAM memory of the computer,

Prom replaces the EEM for mobile phones.


Table 1 shows the performance comparison of MRAM chip with SRAM, DRAM and flash memory.

Performance comparison between MRAM and common computer memory

Table 1 performance comparison of SRAM, DRAM, EEPROM and MRAM


Only MRAM can meet the four requirements of computer memory: nonvolatile, high random access rate, high data storage density and low power consumption. Therefore, the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries attach great importance to this new technology, invest a lot of money to accelerate the commercialization of MRAM products.

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