Perfect solution to the problem that IOS wechat browser does not refresh when it returns


When the form is submitted at the beginning, the returned parameters will be lost. Replace it with URL jump. There is always a problem in the ios10 test. Continue to search. Finally, use pageshow and pagehide to solve it perfectly (another sentence: cherish life and stay away from wechat and IOS)

var wxback = {
    init :function(){
      //Hide wechat sharing buttons, etc
      document.addEventListener('WeixinJSBridgeReady', function onBridgeReady() {'hideToolbar');'hideOptionMenu');'hideMenuItems');
        /*Window. Addeventlistener ("pop state", function (E) {// implement the required functions in the callback function
          //window.location.href = document.referrer+"&"+Math.floor(Math.random()*1000);
          //history.go(-1);// Anyway, I returned to the original page n times
          //history.back();// Anyway, I returned to the original page n times
          //window.location = document.referrer;// Previous page URL
          //'closeWindow');// Close page directly
        }, false);*/
        var isPageHide = false; 
        window.addEventListener('pageshow', function () { 
         if (isPageHide) {
        window.addEventListener('pagehide', function () { 
         isPageHide = true; 
    pushHistory :function () {
      var state = { 
        title: document.title, 
        url: location.href 
      window.history.pushState(state, state.title, state.url); 


The above is the perfect solution to the non refresh problem of IOS wechat browser. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please leave me a message and Xiaobian will reply to you in time!

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