Perfect email verification regular expression


The format of international domain name is as follows:
The domain name is composed of any combination of the specific character set, English letters, numbers and “-” (i.e. hyphen or minus sign), but the beginning and end of the domain name can not contain “‘”, and “-” cannot appear continuously. Letters in domain names are not case sensitive. Domain names can be up to 60 bytes (including suffixes. Com,. Net,. Org, etc.).


/Content / I constitutes a case insensitive regular expression;
^Match start
$match end
[A-Z] e-mail prefix must start with an English letter

([a-z0-9]*[-_ ]? [a-z0-9] +) * and_ A_ 2、aaa11、_ 1_ A_ 2 match, and A1_ 、aaff_ 33a_ 、a__ AA does not match. If it is a null character, it is also matched, * means 0 or more.
*Represents 0 or more preceding characters
[a-z0-9] * matches 0 or more English letters or numbers
[- ]? matches 0 or 1 “- because” – “cannot appear consecutively
[a-z0-9] + matches one or more English letters or numbers because ‘-‘ cannot be used as the end

@There must be [email protected]
([a-z0-9]*[-_ ]? [a-z0-9] +) + see above ([a-z0-9]*[-_ ]? [a-z0-9] +) * but cannot be empty, + means one or more.
[\.] treat special characters (.) as normal characters
[A-Z] {2,3} matches two to three English letters, usually com or net
([\. [A-Z] {2})? Matching 0 or 1 [\. [A-Z] {2} (e.g. CN, etc.) I don’t know If not, please change {2} to {start word, end word}

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