Past and present life of Huawei cloud Conference


Huawei cloud conference story:270 days and nights and 10ms delay

The audio and video of frequent roast cloud conferences in the market have poor network loss resistance, large data sharing delay and poor definition. In order to solve these problems, the technology behind them is actually very complex and the workload is also large, so it has always been a difficult problem for the cloud conference systems of various brands to continuously overcome.

In order to solve these problems, Huawei cloud set up a media research team. Several people stayed in a small conference room for 9 months. They debugged every day, looked at the effect at night, and then discussed the optimization direction again. They continued to tune the next day.
At that time, each of us had a clear goal, that is, to be the best in the industry. We were all thinking about cloud meetings and thinking about how to improve a little every day.

At that time, the delay of Huawei cloud conference data conference has been optimized from 3S to 100ms. We found it more and more difficult to further optimize to reach the best in the industry. After repeated tests, we finally found a solution to reduce 10ms delay, but the cost is to modify the architecture of the whole client and server. This cost is really too high. It involves the adaptation of multiple modules, which will increase the workload by three times, but we couldn’t find other optimization solutions at that time. But if you don’t change it, 10ms will indeed bring great experience difference.

After repeated discussion, we finally made up our mind to change!

After 10ms optimization, we achieved excellent data clarity and only 200ms delay, and achieved the goal of the first stage. Customers come to the company to see our optimization results. When I hear customers’ recognition of products, I know that our decision is not wrong.


“I think it can be further optimized”

When the mainstream cloud conference manufacturers in the industry still use the soft codec with high CPU consumption, Huawei cloud conference has completed the performance optimization of video codec through special hard codec. Compared with most cloud conferences, Huawei cloud conference has been very high-definition and smooth, but I always think our cloud conference can be further optimized.

CPU occupancy is a long-standing and difficult problem to overcome, because it involves the interaction of multiple modules, and the expansion of each module is not high, but the overall occupancy is very high. If a single optimization point does not significantly reduce the CPU, the aggregation of multiple optimization points will certainly play a role.

We sort out all the points that can be optimized, even some large architecture optimization things, and break the original idea of “it’s stable and don’t move if the optimization effect is not obvious”. Even if the architecture rectification has only 1% effect on the performance improvement, we will be determined to do it.

Finally, we optimized more than 30 points. After all optimization, we gathered them together, and finally achieved the last 30% performance improvement. This breakthrough also allows us to sum up and think. In the future, we should ask ourselves “optimize a little, can we optimize a little more”. Only in this way can the product be better and better.


Two or three new technical points every month

The breakthrough of each technical point can bring further improvement of customer experience.

Many of Huawei’s technical personnel focused on improving the efficiency of the assembly line. However, many of them focused on improving the efficiency of the assembly line before the assembly line, which basically ensured the convergence of the technology.

In order to enable customers to use our products faster, it is common for companies to develop and sleep all night. Many engineers around us are like this. Everyone is very down-to-earth. They just hope that what they do can be used and recognized by customers as soon as possible. We hope to play our part and say proudly in the future: “we did Huawei cloud conference.”

Huawei cloud conference at this stage

Our efforts have paid off handsomely. Among many players, Huawei cloud conference stands out with its simple, practical, stable, smooth, professional and reliable user reputation, and has become the preferred platform for national high-level conferences. In 2020, China International Trade in services conference, the opening ceremony of China ASEAN digital economic cooperation year, China Africa United anti epidemic special summit and many other high-standard transnational conferences, we have won high praise from our host friends with high-quality and stable cloud conference services. During the epidemic period, Huawei cloud conference has served the intelligent government affairs, epidemic prevention and control, command and dispatching of more than 50 national / provincial and municipal government units, supported online education of 5000 + schools and more than 10000 medical institutions around the world, and innovated new business scenarios such as cloud signing and cloud Exhibition (supporting 200 billion signing amount).

At the same time, we further upgraded the user experience based on Huawei cloud RTC (real-time audio and video) service, realized the integration of conference and live experience, and could interact with 10000 people. With the support of RTC technology, we took the lead in realizing 1080p HD video and 4K UHD data sharing, and are the first cloud conference player in the industry to support 720p mobile terminals; RTC service also provides many black technologies for cloud conference, such as video noise reduction, background brightening, background virtualization, virtual background, character beauty, etc., which make video conference clearer and constantly surprise users. 50% video anti packet loss, 80% audio anti packet loss, strong network adaptability, so that the conference can be clear and stable when the network environment is poor.

We integrate AI technology into the meeting, real-time translation makes cross language communication no longer an obstacle, automatic minutes make users no longer spend a lot of time sorting out meeting minutes, electronic brand makes the information of guests clear at a glance, and automatic check-in makes meeting attendance very easy. These AI technologies make everyone focus on meeting communication at the core time, making meeting communication more efficient.

Future development of Huawei cloud Conference

In the future, we will continue to improve the core audio and video capabilities and provide the ultimate audio and video experience based on Huawei cloud RTC services through 5g, cloud, AI and other technologies; And use AR and VR technology to make the meeting break through the boundaries of geography, time and virtual and real world, and provide customers with a better and more realistic meeting interactive experience.

Huawei will continue to work hard in this field and open its conference capacity to thousands of banks, industries and partners through API & SDK, so as to continuously improve the competitiveness of audio and video solutions in government, education, medical treatment, finance and other industries, create a good ecological environment and lead the industry.

Article byHua Weiyunrelease.

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