Part V: introduction to IntelliJ idea plug-in


IntelliJ idea has a lot of plug-ins. Here are some common plug-ins.

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1、mybatis plus

If it is developed by mybatis, mybatis plus is a very good plug-in
Unfortunately, it is a paid plug-in, but for improving the development efficiency, it is a very excellent plug-in.


A very good plug-in jrebel, supporting web hot deployment
Unfortunately, it’s also a paid plug-in.


If vimer, consider using ideavim
For details, please refer to my article:…


This plug-in works perfectly with ideavim. Haha, I feel like I can get away from the mouse


If Lombok is used, the Lombok plug-in is recommended.
If you do not install the plug-in, using Lombok idea code checking will be handled as an error.


A very good bytecode generation tool

7. Jclasslib bytecode viewer: bytecode viewer


This is a very good code detection tool to avoid low-level bugs, such as no null pointer check and so on. A very powerful plug-in that can’t be missed.

9、Key Promoter

Shortcut key prompt plug-in
This plug-in will automatically remind you to set shortcut keys after you use one operation many times, and you can also see the frequency of each shortcut key.

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