Paper case CMS 3.3.6 release upgrade. Net 5


.Net 5

Microsoft’s. Net 5 has been released and we adapted it for the first time. The biggest change in the new version is to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest. Net 5, and the performance has been significantly improved. So please update your running environment before upgrading to 3.3.6.

Convenient update

Paper shell CMS is a software product with long-term maintenance. We always update it every month. In order to facilitate users to update, we have done the corresponding upgrading and simplification work. We updated it this timeZKEACMS.UpdaterPlug in, which will automatically obtain the corresponding upgrade script from the following address to update the database:

You can also configure your own upgrade data source and open itZKEACMS.UpdaterUnder plug-inappsettings.jsonFile.

  "DBVersionOption": {
    "BaseVersion": "3.3.5",
    "Source": [


Retrieve password

3.3.6 add the function of back-end administrator to retrieve password. When using the password retrieval function, the system will send the email of password retrieval to your mailbox. Therefore, please associate the mailbox before using this function.

Website name and logo

Two setting items are added in the new version to modify the website name and logo.

  • SiteInformation_SiteName
  • SiteInformation_Logo_Mini

Please refer to the of the paper case CMS for specific settingsOther settings


The new version makes a unified beautification of the sent mail content. Use unifiedLayoutAnd style, more convenient for development.

When the SMTP service is not configured, the system will no longer throw an exception directly, but save the mail to the temp directory to facilitate viewing the mail in the development environment.

Custom content

When creating and editing custom types, add uniqueness verification for attribute names to avoid exceptions thrown by the system.

Fixed the problem that the back-end menu could not highlight the correct menu item when creating and editing custom type content.


Version 3.3.6 also contains fixes for many other minor problems, which we recommend updating.

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