Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning “global developer growth platform”


Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

On September 16, 2020 pangolin super star gathering conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, pangolin announced a brand-new upgrade and positioned itself as a “global developer growth platform“.

A number of business leaders of pangolin systematically elaborated the growth solutions, product and technical support capabilities, intelligent and humanized service system, and efforts to build a healthy and healthy industry ecology, aiming to help every high-quality developer grow to their full.

Pangolin upgrades global developer growth platform

In the past year, pangolin has grown up with many developers, providing more value for users and enabling the platform to harvest more high-quality traffic.

At present, the daily average advertising requests of pangolin platform has reached 63 billion, which has increased by more than 75% compared with the same period last year; the average daily advertising display volume has also exceeded 11 billion, with an increase of more than 62% compared with last year. The number of cooperative applications accessed by pangolin has exceeded 100000, covering more than 700 million independent daily living devices.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

One of the fastest growing advertising platforms.

The scale of the platform and the accumulation of its own capabilities make pangolin have the ability and vision to carry more missions.

“We believe that every developer who takes users and their products seriously deserves better resources and opportunities,” said Xu Yujie, head of pangolin. Regardless of size, industry category, growth stage and development platform, pangolins hope to become their partners and helpers to help them achieve high-quality growth. “

Under the new platform positioning, pangolin gives three key words: full speed growth, deep worry free, healthy ecology.

Full speed growth — full life cycle product capability opening

In terms of product capability, besides commercial products, pangolin will provide product support for developers in the whole application life cycle. On the one hand, pangolin integrates the general underlying capabilities of product R & D, operation and retention of massive engines to provide full link growth support for developers; on the other hand, it will help developers release manpower in the process of growth through a series of tools and products.

Deep worry free — systematic support of deep service learning

The service and learning system of pangolin has also been upgraded comprehensively and intelligently. In terms of service, pangolin has established a set of global expert service system, providing support for global developers 7 * 24 hours.

In terms of learning system, pangolin has launched a new official website and launched a multi lingual global developer growth learning center. Whether you are new to application development, or want to deeply understand the operation of platform products, or want to directly connect with the development and testing technology, you can get professional and convenient content on the new official website of pangolin.

At the same time, pangolin also launched the “developer growth center applet” on the mobile terminal. Within the app, developers can learn the video courses explained by real experts anytime and anywhere, and view the industry white paper and growth guide carefully produced by the operation team.

Healthy ecology support high quality flow

In the shaping of healthy ecology, “selecting the best” and “chasing the inferior” are the two criteria for pangolin to improve. Pangolin has created a set of recommendation system based on high-quality traffic to ensure that the high-quality traffic gets higher weight and realize the maximization of income. Meanwhile, pangolin will restrict and suppress illegal developers and behaviors through risk control system and anti cheating technology to guide rectification or elimination.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

Commercial ability is upgraded, and the developers of justar 2.0 are encouraged to start

Lu Feng, who is in charge of the growth of pangolin business, said that after the brand upgrade, in order to provide developers with the advancement of a new business model, pangolin has upgraded from the aspects of breakthrough, professional and ecological strength.

The company will make a breakthrough in the business model of pangolin by providing more professional and professional services to the industry, and will make a breakthrough in the business model of pangolin by providing more professional and professional services to the industry.

At the meeting, pangolin launched the “star gathering program 2.0”, which will provide 5 billion special incentives in the next year, and provide up to 150% of the share subsidy for high-quality developers around the world. For high potential developers and game developers, pangolin also launched the “pangolin star boost program”, which allows developers who successfully participate in the event to receive up to 30% extra bonus. This means that the monthly income subsidy for high-quality developers will reach 180%.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning
Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

The ability of commercial products is still the cornerstone of pangolin. In the past year, pangolin has invested a lot of energy to improve the core competence of commercialization.

Ding Wei, head of pangolin products, said that in 2020, pangolin has realized the cloud computing power. Sharing a set of cloud service system with the company can not only make pangolin have stronger computing power, but also facilitate and faster mobilization of various resources. Secondly, pangolin continues to improve the stability and timeliness of general advertising change data, and launch a series of data products, and developers directly through the API interface In terms of product form, pangolin launches personalized template advertisement, which makes it convenient for developers not to develop component style and layout separately, but also to realize thousand people and thousands of aspects of pattern template and better income based on calculation results.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

At the level of advertisers, Zheng Wenya, the head of pangolin operations, said that the number of active advertisers of pangolin has exceeded 100000, with a year-on-year growth of more than 65%. In the key industries such as games, e-commerce, education and tools, the number of active advertisers of pangolin has grown rapidly. From the perspective of budget distribution, most of the annual budget of pangolin is created by head advertisers and high-quality apps within the platform. With the launch of pangolin brand Gd, more high-quality brand advertisers have been introduced.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning
Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

Break the game market, insight into opportunities, fine operation

In the game sub venue of pangolin super star gathering conference, Zhong Le, head of pangolin overseas game business, said that in the past year, pangolin was one of the few bright spots in China’s mobile game industry. Throughout the period from August last year to August this year, pangolin’s share of game developers increased by 230%.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

In addition to high share incentive, pangolin has also come up with refined operation solutions for the whole life cycle of the game in the game business, exploring the maximization of the flow value, strengthening the mixed realization in medium and heavy games, and introducing open screen advertising into more leisure games.

The video of pangolin is also upgraded in the form of video.

In view of the high production cost, low production capacity and low human efficiency of interactive advertising industry, pangolin launched a new platform, “rubeex – pangolin one-stop interactive advertising platform”. The function of rubeex platform covers the whole link of interactive advertising from before, during and after advertising, including creative production, creative testing, data analysis, optimization diagnosis, inspiration exploration, etc. With rubeex, the production cycle of interactive advertising can be shortened from one month to the fastest one day, and a full range of creative data analysis and optimization diagnosis can be obtained.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

In terms of sea going, with the rapid development of Pangle’s overseas business in many regions around the world, Pangle will also help game developers explore global incremental space. In July last year, pangolin officially entered the Japanese market. As Pangle’s first overseas station, the Mau growth in Japan has quadrupled in one year, covering about 18% of the users in Japan, and the ECPM in Japan has significantly increased by 18%. This year, it has opened markets in South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

Grasp the opportunity and tap the new increment of vertical industry

In the past year, pangolin has become the main advertising platform in the industry. At the “6.18” e-commerce promotion node, e-commerce advertisers increased the investment intensity in pangolin, nearly 400% higher than last year’s “double 11” budget.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

In the content industry and non content industry, pangolin has launched “full life cycle refinement solution”. Taking the content industry as an example, a major breakthrough of pangolin this year is that the revenue in the audio-visual industry has been greatly increased. Advertisements have penetrated into various scenes such as open screen and patch, and actively explore the entrance of incentive video.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

In the non content industry, in view of the pain point of the short stay time of users, resulting in less advertising display per capita and low advertising income, pangolin integrates a large amount of content output to developers, helping developers improve the stay time and retention of users. For example, pangolin helps developers to build their own small game center and scoring system as a starting point for user operation and improvement. It also helps developers in non content industries by outputting information and small video content, enriching application functions, and improving user stickiness, online time and advertising revenue.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

It has introduced four industry specific solutions, from information technology and Realization of social networking solutions, to industry specific solutions.

As a rapidly growing “global developer growth platform”, pangolin has been committed to continuously improving and iterating its own advantages and capabilities over the past three years, helping global developers to achieve success in terms of technology, products, services and solutions. After upgrading, pangolin hopes to help every high-quality developer who needs help by maximizing profits, so that developers can enjoy their growth, drive the development of the whole industry with the growth of many individuals, and work together to build a sustainable, healthy and prosperous mobile developer ecosystem.

Pangolin brand upgrade, new positioning

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