Pan Juan, the only female Apache member in China: we still need to get out of our unique my way


The Apache way is a reference, but we still have to go out of our own unique my way. -—— Pan Juan

Apachecon is the official global conference series of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). As a prestigious open source feast, apachecon has attracted much attention in the open source community and is also one of the well-known activities in the early stage of the open source movement.

As early as 1998, before the establishment of ASF, apachecon has attracted participants at all levels to explore “tomorrow’s technology” in more than 300 Apache projects and their different communities. Also at this session, developers who developed httpd services gathered together and decided to establish the Apache Software Foundation.

Apachecon is held once a year, usually in Europe or North America. It is a great opportunity for Apache developers to communicate, discuss and meet offline. It is also a rare occasion to share ideas and stir up ideas. Show the latest development and emerging innovation of Apache project through hands-on implementation, keynote speech, practical case study, training, hacking activities, etc.

This year, in order to better serve the rapidly growing Apache users and contributors in the Asia Pacific region, the apachecon organizing committee and the apachecon software foundation are pleased to announce that the first apachecon online conference for the Asia Pacific time zone apachecon Asia Conference will be held online from August 6 to 8, 2021.

In order to let everyone know more about open source and apachecon Asia, segmentfault will interview some track chair or conference lecturers to let you know the background of the conference preparation and the stories of these experts.

Today, we bring you an interview with Pan Juan, the only female Apache member in China.

Pan Juan, the only female Apache member in China: we still need to get out of our unique my way
The following is the interview with Pan Juan by segmentfault:

About Pan Juan

My identity in open source is the only female Apache member in China, the PMC of shardingsphere project and the mentor of Apache brpc. In terms of work, it is the co founder of sphereex. As an open source infra commercial technology company, sphereex welcomes students who love open source and pay attention to distributed database / Middleware / governance!

Pan Juan’s first contact with open source

I first came into contact with open source in early 2018. At that time, I worked in JD. The company wanted to push the shardingsphere project to Apache. It had a certain reputation in the open source community at that time, but there was still no good community cooperation model. Then we promoted it to Apache. This is my open source journey.

What did individuals and companies gain from participating in open source and contributing to the Apache community?

In fact, there are many gains. Personally, there are more opportunities for communication and exchange in open source and technology, including using GitHub and code to communicate and make friends, and constantly expand my personal vision and development path of the project. On the other hand, we are doing better and better in open source, so we set up our own open source commercial company. In general, open source has a great role in promoting myself, open source projects and my company.

Pan Juan understands “the Apache way”?

When it comes to this, you may think of the points described on the Apache official website for the first time. From my personal point of view, I also support the “the Apache way” described on the Apache official website. I think it is a guiding principle and a methodology. We don’t have to comply with every one, but it is every project, every mentor The guiding ideology for every open source person to enter the Apache foundation. I also think that every project and every open source person will have a lot of different practical experience when practicing the Apache way, so I think the Apache way is a reference, but we still have to go out of our own unique my way.

Pan Juan and apachecon Asia

I am the producer of inductor track. If you read the introduction of inductor track, you will find that we have many topics. First of all, we invited Justin McLean, chairman of Apache incubator, member of Apache foundation and mentor of open source projects such as Dubbo & rocketmq. The topic he brought to us is: how to make correct distribution in inductor project? There will be a lot of dry goods in the content, which is very important for all projects entering Apache. After that, there will be two graduated projects, dolphin scheduler and apisik. They will introduce Apache way in their own community all the way. I think it is also very meaningful. The following topics are the projects being incubated by inductor. They will introduce some technologies at this stage and some ways to govern the community, including technologies related to big data and key value storage, which will be helpful for everyone to understand the transformation of technology or how to incubate the inductor project, So I highly recommend that you pay attention to the inductor track.

Join us in apachecon Asia!

As the Incubator track chair, please have my big welcome to join this wonderful open-source event!

About sphereex

Sphereex is a company committed to building a new distributed data infrastructure. Adhering to the concepts of open source, sharing, ecology and platform, sphereex is committed to cutting-edge technological innovation in the data field.

The founding team members are mainly from Apache’s top-level project “shardingsphere”. If you love open source and are willing to challenge, join us!

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About apachecon

Apachecon is the official global conference series of the Apache Software Foundation. Since 1998, apachecon has attracted participants at all levels to explore “today’s tomorrow technology” in more than 350 Apache projects and their different communities. In 2020 and 2021, apachecon activities will display ubiquitous Apache projects and emerging innovations in a virtual way through conferences, keynote speeches, real-world case studies, community activities, etc., all of which are online and free of charge. For more information, visit

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Founded in 1999, the Apache Software Foundation is the world’s largest open source foundation, managing more than 227 million lines of code and providing more than $20 billion worth of software to the public, which is 100% free. ASF’s all volunteer community has grown from the original 21 founders to supervise the Apache HTTP server to more than 850 individual members and 200 project management committees. They have successfully led more than 350 Apache projects and plans through ASF’s “the Apache way” in cooperation with more than 8200 authors. Apache Software is an integral part of almost all end-user computing devices, from laptops to tablets to mobile devices for enterprise and mission critical applications. The Apache project powers most of the Internet, manages billions of bytes of data, performs megabit operations, and stores billions of objects in almost all industries. The commercially friendly and relaxed Apache license V2 is an open source industry standard that has helped start a multi billion dollar company and benefited countless users around the world. ASF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization in the United States, funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors, including Aetna, Alibaba cloud computing, Amazon Web services, anonymous, Baidu, Bloomberg, budget direct, capital one, cloudera, Comcast, fluent, Didi Chuxing, Facebook, Google, handshake, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, namebase, pineapple fund Red hat, reprise software, target, Tencent, union investment, Verizon media and workday. For more information, visit

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Pan Juan, the only female Apache member in China: we still need to get out of our unique my way