Paileyun joins hands with ucloud to build a beautiful era of cloud



Driven by the global digital economy and the wave of new infrastructure, cloud computing is ushering in the next golden decade and entering the inclusive development period.

UCloud “Youyun selection plan”Based on IAAs and PAAS infrastructure services, it selects excellent technology ecological partners to help customers’ cloud transformation by creating joint solutions.Paileyun, the first real-time communication cloud manufacturer with video conference background in China, with its profound accumulation of audio and video communication technology, leading audio and video codec and 3a algorithm, stable and highly available service guarantee and all-round technical service ability, it joined ucloud’s “excellent cloud selection plan” to provide services for developers and enterprisesHigh quality, high stability and low delay real-time audio and video and interactive whiteboard services

Paileyun joins hands with ucloud to build a beautiful era of cloud

29 selected technology ecological partners

A lone walker is quick, but a multitude of walkers are far away

Ucloud cloud platform has100000+Users need to provide more intelligent operation and maintenance and management through the products and solutions of technology ecological partners, introduce more systems to help realize digital transformation and help enterprise business innovation and development. Ucloud provides customer resources and development space to technology partners to help ucloud’s existing customers use cloud services more conveniently.

“Independent walkers are fast, and many walkers are far away”. In the landing vertical scene application, if you want to achieve the best deployment effect, you must not only rely on the cloud platform’s own products and services, but also rely on the power of ecology.Ucloud and paileyun cooperate with technical ecological partners of different tracks to provide vertical solutions based on industry scenarios, covering new retail, education, games, going to sea, medical and other industry scenarios

  1. Provide technical services such as intelligent operation and maintenance platform, migration service and multi cloud management, and work with partners to help users complete the intelligent operation and maintenance of business on the cloud and after it is on the cloud;
  2. Provide a variety of products and tools such as cloud desktop, OCR recognition, AI algorithm and high-performance computing, and provide users with product components required by different industries and scenarios like a market;
  3. Provide special solutions such as education live broadcast, industrial Internet, smart community and smart finance, which are flexible and efficient according to customers’ needs.

Through vertical solutions and best practices, the excellent cloud selection plan can help users build businesses with higher sustainability, security, low cost and high efficiency in the cloud. In addition, ucloud and paileyun’s “Youyun selected technical experts” can provide consulting, scheme docking, training and other services to customers, and deliver them through the “expert team”; When purchasing cloud products, users can obtain high-quality products, services and preferential prices in one stop, from the bottom resources to the upper scheme at one time, so as to reduce the worries of use.

Build every beautiful interaction on the cloud

Paileyun is the first real-time communication cloud service provider with video conference background in China. The company has gathered a large number of customersSenior technical experts focusing on audio, video, network, AI and other fields, through continuous innovation and R & D in the field of real-time communication, more enterprises are empowered to establish sustainable competitive advantages in industry scenarios and interactive experience.

Pai leyunAdhere to the mission of “building every beautiful interaction on the cloud”It has an independently developed audio and video engine, which has reached the international top level in audio and video coding and decoding, network transmission, weak network confrontation and QoE, echo cancellation, real-time communication networking and routing, high concurrency streaming media distribution, and has built a full scene real-time interaction ability for education, social networking, pan entertainment, going to sea, medical and other industries.

By joining the excellent cloud selection plan this time, paileyun is willing to work side by side with ucloud and developers, build a beautiful era of cloud with the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win, and provide developers with high-quality real-time communication cloud products and intimate services, so that developers can better focus on their own business.

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