Outsourcing companies that have been resisted by the outside world have subverted my cognition today!


A friend’s company needs to build an enterprise system, and the company has no resources to coordinate. He wants to outsource, so he asked me to accompany him to talk about several outsourcing companies.

❀    Why outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, we may not have a good impression. Many people resist outsourcing, but outsourcing is not innocent. It is reasonable to exist. Behind bat, Huawei and other large companies, there are a large number of outsourcing companies to support them. They can’t do all their business by themselves!


◎    Why?

Mainly to save manpower, time and cost!

Because managing a large number of employees is a long-term money burning and high-risk thing. It’s good to have more people and do things effectively. If there’s nothing to do and it’s not profitable, all these employees may be dissolved with the end of the project, which is also a sign of being irresponsible to employees (which is also the pain point of outsourcing companies).

For example, it may not be very appropriate. If Ali also wants to do social applications such as wechat, of course, Mr. Ma has done “communication” before, but he has failed. Even if he fails, he can join teams such as Dingding and Wangwang in the future, because they are all instant messaging applications, which can be smoothly incorporated;

But what if there is no such team? Or is it a newly established team dug outside? The failure of this product is a blow to the team’s confidence, and it can’t settle these people very well without similar business.

Therefore, if you want to create a new technology or industry field and you are not good at it at all, it is risky for ordinary companies. If the company has no strength, you can consider outsourcing the edge business, look at the market feedback, and then decide whether to transfer to your own maintenance. This is also a good choice for the company to face the risk and cost control, At this time, the benefits of outsourcing appear.

Yes, my friend’s company is the same. First, he really doesn’t have the time and energy to train and manage a group of employees. Second, he wants to concentrate human and material resources on the company’s main core business. Some marginal business systems want to be outsourced.


❀     Outsourcing negotiation

I haven’t talked about business with outsourcing companies before. After this, I talked about two outsourcing companies in one afternoon, which really subverted my understanding and made me understand a lot of truth.

◎    First outsourcing company

This is an outsourcing company that subverts my understanding. It reflects the details of this company in all aspects and does a very good job.

Why is it that details determine success or failure? This company interprets it incisively and vividly!!!

Before I went out, I already informed the company’s specific location and map, parking location, contact information, and route map of various means of transportation through e-mail, which made people feel very warm.

When I arrived at the company, my friends and I were arranged to sit down in the conference room and each of us brought a bottle of water. After a few minutes of greeting with the business manager, she turned on the computer, connected to the TV and began to do the PPT presentation.

I talked about the whole process for more than an hour and talked about the company’s development process, organizational structure, business model, management mode, cooperation cases, technology stack, cooperation mode, after-sales, etc. it was very wonderful. I was surprised by my expression ability and output ability, which is worthy of doing business.

At the same time, it also makes me sigh that the current outsourcing company’s business is really strong. It feels that it is omnipotent, soft and hard. Various project cases are dazzling, which can only be described as surprise. This is the real whole stack.

Although it is an outsourcing company, the company was established very early and older than me. The whole development and testing process is very standardized, standardized and quantified. It feels like the same standard as decoration outsourcing (send you development progress and test videos every day). I dare say that many large Internet companies do not necessarily have such standards.

The company has a very mature scheme for demand communication, product design, UI design, code development, testing (white + Black) and acceptance process. It’s really different to outsource.

The company is delivery oriented, and one of the interesting details is,In order to ensure the progress, developers need to seek the help of the technical manager in time when they encounter problems, but they can also study the hard knocks themselves. However, if the progress is delayed due to the hard knocks for too long, they will be fined 2000 at a time.Those requiring Party A’s cooperation will also be agreed in advance. Generally, they are delivered in advance. Even if there is an extension, if it is their responsibility, 2% will be compensated for one day of delay, which means that they can do it for free as long as 50 days?

So, now you know the bitterness of outsourcing. Time is money, and development is like a machine! Before this project is finished, the next project may have reserved a pit for you, or even several projects at the same time. How can you have time to think?

In addition, when it comes to whether human resources can be outsourced or stationed, they do not recommend it, because travel expenses may be incurred (borne by Party A). Once it comes and goes, there will be no time for one day, and it is inconvenient to arrange and supervise. If it can be remote, try to be remote as far as possible to save the expenses of both parties.

Because this also talked about their experience of outsourcing from resident banks. They worked for an hour for a day. Why? After listening to this, I found it funny that for the sake of security, the outsourcing programmers of the bank could not touch the computer, so they had to stand outside the room and shout to the people inside through the glass: A, the people inside just click a, that’s it, one day… (I’m not sure about the authenticity. More bank outsourcing students are welcome to discuss and share below)

Finally, she took us to see their technical team. Sure enough, it was an outsourcing style, sitting in rows. No one was curious about you, because they might not have time to care about you.

But for one thing, the atmosphere of this outsourcing company is particularly quiet. They all work their own way, and there is no communication. It is not like outsourcing at all… What is your outsourcing like? Welcome to share!


◎    Second outsourcing company

Entering the second outsourcing company also subverted my cognition, in sharp contrast to the first one!

To the front desk, said to find xx manager, the front desk directly said: you call XX! So my friend made a business call and the business came out slowly. Why does the company need the front desk?

Then the business took us upstairs to the conference room to sit down, and then walked over empty handed and said:Is there a need today?

My friends and I are a little forced. It seems that we have determined our intention to cooperate? Then my friend said that he should first understand the overall situation of the company. The demand is still the later thing. Then he began to talk about the situation of the company on and off. Most of the time, we asked. He said that he would not take the initiative to disclose more information about the company.

Then my friend said he wanted to see if the company had any project cases and the direction he was good at. He went out and moved an antique notebook in, but it couldn’t be put on the screen. We could only get together to have a general view, and then showed us a XX system. This page really… Subverted my cognition. The UI can’t be too ugly, it’s too casual!

Then we talked about their technology stack and called their project manager in. The project manager said that the development language is mainly Java, because Java is easy to recruit people, PHP is not, PHP is not very easy to recruit people, really? Then, middleware such as rabbitmq, redis and memcached are used, but nothing else.

Then I asked them if they had any development experience in big data, high concurrency and security. The project manager said it was unnecessary to control the cost, first launch cloud products into the market, then verify them, and then expand them. In the early stage, build a pile of distributed… Barabarabara… I admit that what he said is indeed reasonable. Everyone can make the truth, but it is completely contrary to the questions we ask. Whether there is experience or necessity is two different things.

When it comes to their pricing method, the company can ignore the 5 / 10000 delay / day. This is not an extension of 2000 days before I can get back all the principal, which means that it can be extended indefinitely, which is no longer hopeful.

Finally, when we walked out of the gate of the building, my friend said directly: this one doesn’t have to be considered.


❀     summary

There is really no harm without comparison. The first outsourcing company talked about the ppt on the computer + TV screen presentation for an hour, and the second company lost the communication like squeezing toothpaste in the business negotiation stage. The appearance of a company and the time to show its strength are really important.

Therefore, my biggest feeling from this outsourcing visit is that I should try my best to do everything, reflect my professional ability and strength, and go all out, so as to get the trust and reliability of others, and win more opportunities at the same time.

Details determine success or failure, come on!!

Finally, what do you think of outsourcing? Welcome to leave a message to share ~


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