OS x10.10.5 beta download Mac OS x10.10.5 beta official download address


Apple has released OS X 10.10.5 beta with a compilation number of 14f6a. For those who want to experience it, you can download it according to the official download address of Mac OS X 10.10.5 beta provided below!

OS x10.10.5 may be Yosemite’s last update. At present, we are not clear about the content of OS x10.10.5 beta update, but it may be just to fix bugs and improve performance.

os x10.10.5beta下载 mac os x10.10.5beta官方下载地址

Some netizens reported problems such as Bluetooth keyboard connection problems after upgrading to the new beta system. I hope apple can fix the problems in the next beta.

In addition, at present, OS X 10.11el Capitan public beta has been developed and downloaded. As long as ordinary Mac users apply to participate in the apple beta software program, they can download the new system in advance to taste the experience. Apple will release the official version of OS X 10.11 El Capitan this autumn.