Oracle ultimate complete uninstall


1、 Stop usingOracleOur services

Out of serviceoracleService, access to computerManagement, in the service, find oracleAll services at the beginningRight click to select stop.


2、 Open the universal installer tool and run the program to uninstall Oracle database

(1) General operationOracleBuilt in uninstall program, such as using Universal Installer Tool uninstall.

clickopening menufindOracle,Then clickOracleInstall products,Click againUniversal Installer。

(2) , click and wait for a while, then you will enter the interface below,Click to uninstall the product

(3) , select theOracleproduct,Then click delete

(4) Enter the directory shown in the figure below,I found itinstallFile and runIt can be deleted.

(5) , finddeinstall.batDouble click after the file


3、 Enter the unload batch programRun uninstall


(1) , appearSpecifies all singleton listeners to be unconfigured[LISTENER]:          inputLISTENERAs shown in the figure—-Then enter

(2) Enter to enter the interface below

Enter[]The content of,Used when specifying multiple listsEnglish commaAs a separator,There is only one in this caseORCLSSo only inputORCLSThen enter

Remember not to do anything after enterWait patiently,Until it appearsWhat’s nextContent in

If you input at this time,Will enter the buffer,As input for the following options

If soMy friends, what’s nextMy content is different from mine,Please uninstall again

(3) , appear——Specify this database(1. Single instance database|2. EnableOracle Restart Database of) Types of[1]:    Direct return

(4) , appear——Specify the diagnostic target location for the database[D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\diag\rdbms\orcls]:    Direct return

(5) If the information shown in the red box appears, the directory does not exist,The specified directory isD:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\diagCan

Among them, D: app: Administrator\Install for youOracleDirectory of

Students who really don’t know directly copy the diagnosis target location of the specified database [D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\diag\rdbms\orcls]:InD:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\diagThen enter

 (6) , appear——Specify the databaseASM|FS Storage type used[FS]:  inputFSenter


 (7) Appear——If any database files exist on the shared file system, Please specify a list of directories. If you find it‘ORCLS’ Subdirectory, The subdirectory is deleted.

Otherwise, the specified directory will be deleted. in addition, You can specify a list of database files with a full pathDirect return

 (8) , if the fast recovery area is configured on the file system, Please specify its location. If you find it‘ORCLS’ Subdirectory, The subdirectory is deleted.

Direct return

(9) Appear——Specify the databasespfile position

Direct return

 (10) Appear——Do you want to continueinputyenter

Here it isCMDThe operation inside is completed,Wait quietlyCMDThe page will disappear automatically


4、 Delete Oracle related key in registry


(1) In this caseOracleThe installation directory for isD:\appHere’s the picture, friendsYou can enter the following path in the red box

(3)、Win+ROpen the running interface and inputregeditEnter to enter the registry editor

deleteHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ All under the pathOracleThe name of the service that started.

(3) DeleteHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\ApplicationAll of the registryOracleAll at the beginning


5、 Delete Oracle environment variables

Right click on my computer–>attribute–>senior–>environment variable,Delete environment variableORACLE_HOMETNS_ADMINEnvironment variables, deletePATHMedium environmental variablesOracleSet path information for

 Then check to see if it exists in the environment variableOracleRelated settings, if any, can be deleted directlyOracleRelated settings

If there is no relevant setting in my environment variable, I will not take a screenshot

6、 Delete Oracle installation directory and files

(1) , delete all the files in D: app directory

(2) . delete the Oracle directory under the directory C: program files or C: program files (x86) on Disk C, as shown in the figure below

Then restart the computer,thus, Oracle has been completely uninstalled

Hee hee, it can be refitted.~~~~~~~~~


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