Oracle installation in Windows


1、 Oracle download address

2、 Unzip files

1. Extract the two files to the current folder

2. One more database folder

3. Enter the database folder and double-click setup.exe

A window will pop up and wait

3、 Installation procedure

1. E-mail can not be filled in, remove the check of receiving security updates, and click Next

Click Yes

2. Select install database software only, next step

3. Select single instance database installation, next step

4. Select language, next

5. Choose enterprise, next step

6. Create a new window user, next step

7. Choose the installation path. The file name is Oracle? Base. It is better not to use the path with Chinese characters

8. Wait for the installation to complete, and then go to the next step

Tips:If the following error occurs during installation

Check whether there is Chinese in the installation path and JDK environment variables. Just remove the Chinese

9. Complete

4、 Configure environment variables


5、 Create database

Win + R input DBCA


1. Orcl is recommended for database name (similar to hump named variables in Java, just a habit)

2. Database character set should be changed to UTF-8

3. Do not choose to create container database

Then wait for creation

Summary:If there is any problem during the installation process, first check whether to use the administrator identity.

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