Oracle foundation — single line function (date time function)


Date time function

The default date format of Oracle system is dd-mon-yy.

The date time function is used to return the current date and time of the system, and to process the date and event type data.

function describe
ADD_MONTHS(date,count) Add count months to the specified date
LAST_DAY(date) Returns the last day of the month of date
MONTHS_BETWEEN(date1,date2) How many months is the interval between date1 and date2
NEXT_DAY(date, ‘day’) Returns the day of the first week after the specified date
SYSDATE Gets the current date value of the system
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Gets the date value of the current time
ROUND(date, ‘day’) Round the date
TRUNC(date, ‘day’) Intercept the date
Format of Oracle date: yyyy, YY, month, Mon, mm, day, DD, HH, MI, SS

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