Oracle create tablespaces and users


1. If it is opened in tools such as PL / SQL, directly modify the [bold italics] in the following code for execution

2. Ensure that the path exists, such as [D: \ Oracle \ oradata \ Oracle9i \], that is, the path where you want to save the file exists

/There are four steps/

/Step 1: create a temporary tablespace/

create temporary tablespace user_temp

tempfile ‘D:\oracle\oradata\Oracle9i\user_temp.dbf’

size 50m

autoextend on

next 50m maxsize 20480m

extent management local;

/Step 2: create a data tablespace/

create tablespace user_data


datafile ‘D:\oracle\oradata\Oracle9i\user_data.dbf’

size 50m

autoextend on

next 50m maxsize 20480m

extent management local;

/Step 3: create a user and specify the tablespace username as the user name, write it yourself, password as the password, and set Java www fhadmin org yourself/

create user username identified by password

default tablespace user_data

temporary tablespace user_temp;

/Step 4: grant permission to the user. Username is the user name and write it yourself/

grant connect,resource,dba to username;
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