Oracle can’t use em how to do Oracle 11g how to install and configure EM correctly


Oracle can’t use the solution of EM, the details are as follows

You can’t log in to EM and execute EMCA – config dbcontrol dB. You don’t know that the port number of 1522 is always the default port number, but Google will start from the second step below… (my monitor is OK)

1. Open net configuration assistant in Oracle configuration tool, select “monitor configuration”, next step, then select “reconfigure”, next step, check whether the parameters configured in each step are correct.

2. Use the command “EMCA – unconfig dbcontrol DB” on the command line to delete the configuration

3. Use the “EMCA – repos drop” command to delete a repository
Note:Step 2 and step 3 should be done, otherwise it will be reported when re installing em“ORA-20001: SYSMAN already existsThe installation failed due to an error of.. “.

4. Use the “EMCA – config dbcontrol DB – repos create” command to create em.

After the above steps are completed, the EM is successfully created. Click the database control orcl connection in the Oracle folder on the start menu to access the EM normally.
Note here that when I first installed Oracle, the address to access EM ishttps://localhost:1158/emThe port number here is 1158. Now when I rebuild em, the port number after the address link becomes 5500

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