Oracle AWR performance monitoring report generation method


At present, quite a number of companies will use oracle. When doing performance tests, it is very important to monitor the database. Here, I will introduce how to generate the AWR monitoring report that comes with Oracle, and the content analysis of the specific report will be placed in the subsequent blog.

In the introductory study of Oracle Performance Analysis, when encountering the performance problems of Oracle database, the first step is to export the analysis report of AWR. AWR report is the monitoring report of Oracle, which will bring a lot of monitoring data. So this blog is about how to export the AWR report

1. First, you need to enter the Oracle user, Linux command: Su oracle. You can see that you need to change from root user to Oracle user

2. Then go to the SQL command line

sqlplus / as sysdba

3. It can be reconnected or tested again

conn /as sysdba

4. Enter Oracle report options


5. Enter value for report “type: this display means to print a report in what format, either enter HTML or enter text. If you enter directly by default, this is HTML

Here, the default carriage return is used directly, that is, the default html is used directly

6. Enter value for num_days: the prompt here is to let us output the report for several days. If we write 1, we will output one day, if 2, we will output two days

7. Enter value for begin_snap: the snapshot ID of the start in and out. This refers to the printed snap ID, followed by the start time of snap started

Input a starting snapshot and output an ending snapshot ID (starting ID bit 3739 and ending ID bit 3740, i.e. from 22:30 to 22:40, with an interval of 10 minutes in the middle). In this way, Oracle reports in two time periods are output

(general usage: during performance test, first take a snapshot manually, or reduce the time of automatic snapshot, then execute the pressure test script, and then take a snapshot manually. Take the snapshot ID before and after the pressure test, so that the results during the pressure test can be exported.)

8. Enter value for report \ u name: enter the name of a report

For example, test.html is the default if it is not entered

9. Press exit to exit the command line mode, and a directory report can be generated in the directory

Download this HTML and open it with a browser to see the AWR test report!

Isn’t it easy? Let’s try it first~~~~

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