Oracle 12C installation tutorial (window)


The Oracle 12C installation tutorial is recorded as follows

1. Download the database by yourself at

2. You must download both files, put them in the same directory for decompression, decompress the first file, and choose to replace the second file when decompressing, because there are still some new files to be added, otherwise an error will occur during the installation process, and direct rollback cannot be installed.

3. After decompression, run setup setup as administrator as follows

In this step, you can log in without email, or you can tick it out, and a warning box will pop up, click OK..


Note: for the learning phase, it is recommended to install only the database software

The previous steps are mostly the next step: it is recommended to create a new user to operate the Oracle database. (you can also create a new user in the computer)

Configure two environment variables (the directory should be in English. After selecting an Oracle base directory, the following software location will have a default path)


At this stage, the installation is basically completed, and the next step is to create the database.

Win + R enters the command desk, directly input DBCA, and enter the screen as shown in the figure below:

Note: 1. Orcl is recommended for database name (similar to hump named variables in Java, just a habit)

2. The database character set should be changed to UTF-8

3. Do not choose to create container database

Finally, after the above steps are completed, you need to configure the environment variable oracle_sid = orcl

Every time you create a new database, you need a different Sid.

Summary: if there are problems during the installation, please install as an administrator.