Oracle 11g simplified Chinese installation graphics and text tutorial


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1. Download Oracle 11g address

Basic installation

Unzip and install. Execute setup.exe and run under dos for a moment to enter Oracle 11g

Oracle configuration manager allows you to associate configuration information with a metalink account. You can choose to enable it in this window

Install install method interface here you need to specify your own installation method. Oracle provides two installation methods: basic installation (I) and advanced installation (a)

Basic installation:Perform a full 11g installation using standard configuration options with the least amount of input required.

Note: this option uses the file system for storage and a password for all database accounts (sys, system, SysMan, dbsnmp). To set the home directory for the installation, the installation type, and create a startup database.

Advanced installation:Advanced options, set different passwords for different accounts, select database language, product language, automatic backup, customized installation and standby storage options (automatic storage management).

Check installation conditions

Installation summary, click the installation button to start the installation

Installation progress

Configuration database

After installation, click the installed product to view the product list

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