Optimize the second step of various software problems



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The last article told you about itThe driving problem after the system is refittedThen the next content is to recommend some software to improve office efficiency.

After configuring the graphics card driver, we can say that a brand-new productivity is in front of us. What do we need to do next?

Update system

Tips: just is too laggy to download and update Microsoft’s own software, so the computer will be very good. Let’s look at the update of Microsoft software store. After the software is updated, do the following steps.

① Maybe you’re downloading an old version of the system. If you hate the new version of win10, you can skip the preface and go straightDownload “no update” softwareExtraction code:ocean(or manually turn off windows automatic update)
② If you need to keep your system up to date, but don’t want windows to update your system behind your back. So see below

First, you can follow the steps below to update your computer to the latest version

After the update, you can download the “no self update” software

downloadExtraction code:ocean


Usage: unzip the software to any location, right-click “run as administrator”, and restart the computer after setting
People who don’t believe in the software can manually ban the update according to the following steps (the principle is different, it can’t be permanently banned like software. About 7-14 days

First of all, adjust the “this computer” icon: right mouse button on the desktop → personalization → theme → desktop icon settings under relevant settings → check “computer (m)” → OK

First, right-click the computer → manage (g) → follow the operation below


I need a software manager

If you don’t have a software manager you’ve always loved. So take my advice
Tencent software manager has always been my favorite, 10 megabyte installation package, no advertising, no pop-up window

It is also because of its advantages, so it was eliminated: now you go to the official website to download the installation package of Tencent computer manager, not the installation package of software management.

Simple interface, no unnecessary fancy function


downloadExtraction code:ocean

I need an input method

If you don’t have a favorite input method. So take my advice
I only recommend itA: Sogou input method(in fact, I’ve only used Sogou’s input method 0_ 0)

Don’t worry, and listen to me finish its full name: Sogou input method v9.7.0.3676 to advertising green pure version
What are the characteristics or changes? :
New edition changes
On April 8, 2020, the official version was released on September 7, 2020
Update thesaurus synchronization function, and realize the exchange of thesaurus with Mac version. Input habits can be merged and migrated across platforms. Log in the same account to synchronize input habits
The recording assistant is optimized to support more types of recording pens
The synchronization process of thesaurus is optimized
The performance of soft keyboard is optimized
Fixed some application exit crashes
This edition features by Buffalo, zdbryan
Advertising free, focus on streamlining and optimization, completely free of upgrades, blocking automatic updates.
Go to advertisement (task bar informs area Sohu micro portal pop-up window and medal recommendation pop-up window)
No promotion behavior, no redundant interference prompt by default, no redundant process resident by default;
Optional: cloud computing candidate, background networking components (Thesaurus update, configuration synchronization)
Delete: Sohu micro portal news program, medal recommendation program, search candidate module;
Delete: core service program, network update program, auxiliary tool module, crash feedback program;
Delete: picture expression, artificial voice, skin recommendation, skin box / flash skin, etc., which can be installed in the toolbox;
Optimization: cancel search candidates, skin recommendation / flash skin mode, entry / upgrade / new medal / active days;
Installation program: support Windows 10 Metro mode, support arm64 bit system, support detection overlay installation.

downloadExtraction code:ocean

I need a browser

If you don’t have a browser you’ve always loved. So take my advice

Rank in no order
360 speed browser
Centbrowser (enhanced version of Google Browser: suitable for Chinese people’s use habits)
Firefox browser

I need an uninstall tool

If you don’t have the uninstall tool you’ve always loved. So take my advice

Combined with my personal experience, I will temporarily recommend an unloading artifact!
It is:“Revo Uninstaller Pro”
brief introduction: software mandatory unloading tool, an excellent software unloading tool abroad, has many functions, such as hunter mode, installation tracking and monitoring changes, forced unloading scanning analysis, startup item management, usage trace cleaning, garbage file cleaning, browser garbage cleaning, etc.
The official portable version is used to integrate the permanent license file, and the professional version is activated when it is started!
No detection and update, delete multi-national language, preset startup, default to simplified Chinese;

Download pageExtraction code:ocean

Two versions (optional download page)
① : v4.3.0 Russian Version (size 16.7mb): Revo uninstaller Pro 4.30, this version is the repackaged version of Russian God, download the compressed package – unzip – double click the EXE file to install. Simplified Chinese settings: click the three bars in the upper right corner – click Options – select simplified Chinese under language options.
② : v4.3.1 professional Portable Version (size 9.8mb): Revo uninstaller Pro v4.3.1 activation free green portable version.

Usage: start normally (if an error is reported, please run as an administrator) → select the software to be uninstalled → right click to uninstall → at this time, the uninstall tool of the software to be unloaded will be called (to give it a face and to terminate on its own) → after completion, it will start the work of revuninstallerpro, which will check whether the software is unloaded clean (select advanced → scan) Scan, wait for the scan to complete, generally it is impossible to unload the clean, there will be residual registry, historical configuration and so on) → “select all” delete all the detected residual items → select all → delete → complete

I need a decompression tool

If you don’t have the decompression tool you’ve always loved. So take my advice

1. WinRAR (v5.90 official Chinese version without advertisement)
32-bit official download
64 bit official download
How to use the activation key: unzip the. Key file to the folder where WinRAR is locatedExtraction code:ocean
2.360 compressed official downloadI’ve been using this compression tool.

I need a millisecond search tool for local files

If you can’t stand the turtle speed feature of windows, take my advice

As we all know, it is
[software introduction]
Everything is a search tool with compact size and simple interface, which has the following characteristics:
Quickly locate files and folders based on name
Lightweight installation files
Clean and concise user interface
Fast file index
Quick search
Minimum resource use
Easy file sharing
Real time update
Believe me, its performance will definitely let you call it really fragrant!

Please see

There is no carton to speak of

(64 bit / 32 bit) DownloadExtraction code:ocean

I need a three piece office software

Of course, Jinshan’s WPS three piece set is the first, followed by micro office’s:

We all know that WPS cloud synchronization is more delicious than microoffice + onedrive in China
But WPS’s various advertisements are really overwhelming. So what I recommend is:
1. Wps2019 professional Enhanced Edition
What’s the difference between WPS office free and professional plus?
From the licensing point of view: the personal version is only for personal use, not for business; the professional version can be used for business.
From the functional point of view: the personal version by default does not have the development tool VBA environment, the macro function support; the professional version has.
From the experience point of view: wps2016 personal version / fresh edition push advertising unconditionally; wps2016 professional version does not.
Wps2019 personal edition, i.e. free basic edition, has advertisements and limited functions; the authorization is divided into commercial version / advanced commercial version;
See WPS membership Center for detailshttps://vip.wps.cn/?from=wps.cn
Official download address
Activation tool, activation code free! If you don’t worry, you can activate it with the activation code inside (activation code activation has time limit)Extraction code:ocean
2. Office 2019 enhanced key:MY4BN-P2HGJ-WV37X-M96Y8-TQ9GG

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