Operation database



Show databases; -- show all databases, single line comments
Multi line comment of SQL

Operation database

Operation database > operation tables in Database > operation data of tables in database
MySQL is case insensitive

Operation database

  1. Create database
create database [if not exists] school;
  1. Delete database
drop database [if exists] school;
  1. Using the database
--Tab key, if the table name or field name is a special character, you need to add``
use `school`;
  1. view the database
show database;

The column type of the database

numerical value

type describe Byte size
tinyint Very small data 1 byte
smallint Smaller data 2 bytes
mediumint Medium sized data 3 bytes
int Standard integer 4 bytes
bigint Big data 8 bytes
float Floating point number 4 bytes
double Double precision 8 bytes (accuracy problem)
decimal Floating point number in string form 2 bytes (half used in financial calculation)

character string

type describe Byte size
char The string has a fixed size, char (3) represents 0 filling bits, independent of storage bits 0~255
varchar Variable string 0 ~ 65535 (commonly used string)
tinytext Micro text 28-1
text Text string 216-1 (save large text)

Time date


type describe Byte size
date yyyy-MM-dd Date format
time HH : mm : ss Time format
datetime yyyy-MM-dd HH : mm : ss The most commonly used time format
timestamp time stamp Time milliseconds from 1970.1.1 to now
year Year representation


  • No value, unknown
  • Note that do not use null for the operation, the result is null

Field properties of database


  • Signed integer
  • Declare that the column cannot be negative


  • 0 fill
  • The insufficient digits are filled with 0, int (3), 5-005


  • It is usually understood as self incrementing and automatically gives + 1 on the basis of the previous record (default)
  • It is usually used to design a unique primary key index, which must be an integer type
  • You can customize the starting value and step size of the primary key

Not null and null:

  • If it is set to not null, an error will be reported if it is not assigned a value
  • Null, but do not fill in, the default is null


  • Set default
  • Sex, the default value is male, if you do not specify the change column value, there will be a default value!
  • Each table must have the following five fields to indicate the meaning of a record!
ID primary key
`Version ` optimistic lock
is_ Delete pseudo delete
gmt_ Create time
gmt_ Update modification time

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