OpenMLDB Weekly Update(2021.10.11-2021.10.18)




This week, 16 pull requests were merged, 14 pull requests were added, 13 issues were closed and 11 issues were added. A total of 136 documents were modified, 5036 lines of code were added and 1985 lines of code were deleted.

OpenMLDB Weekly Update(2021.10.11-2021.10.18)

Merged Pull Requests

feat: java sdk add api getTableSchema#483
fix: branch deploy can add macOS#523
fix: import error of OpenMLDB Python lib when installed as zip format#439
feat: support deployment statement#506
fix: start failed on mac#522
ci: fix version set and maven opt on macos#520
feat: add StandAloneClusterSDK#501
feat: engine support query statement multiple database#505
refactor: add ZkPath struct#512
feat: ddlparser extracts indexes from sql#457
ci: fix absl link, add sdk deploy on mac#509
feat: rm zk dependency in standalone mode#486
refactor: rm sql parser in ns client#504
feat: add a config for print the physical plan#497
refactor: mv base::Status to log dir#500
feat: set index if no index in create table stmt#502

Open Pull Requests

style: enforece cpp style convention in hybridse#507
feat: add a util for saving result set#508
fix: add link library boost_system#514
fix: fix StringRef pointer in func ASTIntLiteralToNum#517
feat: support non performance sensitive in command-line batch mode#518
feat: add quit in shell#525
feat: add deploy command#528
style: enforece cpp style convention in hybridse#530
feat: openmldb support non performance sensitive batch mode#531
feat: support select into & set statement#532
ci(coverage): upgrade codecov-action to v2#533
feat: openmldb support multiple databases#534
feat: install hybridse package and sdk locally#536
feat: standalone client supports to update catalog#538

Close Issues

Generate DDL by SQL and schema#144
Non interactive, drop table cannot directly delete the table #185
Add exit command for sql_client#322
Update README for hybridse#474 run failed on mac#521
Use nameserver ip and port to connect openmldb#441
Add ZkPath struct in nameserver#511
Get index from sql&procdure#419
Is Cheating Necessary to Promote a Project on GitHub?#297
Support stand-alone mode#440
Remove sql parser in ns_client#503
Move base::Status to log dir#496
Set index if there is no index info in create statement#462

Open Issues

Openmldb-batchjob should generate Java docs for mvn deploy#540
Create procedure should cache with config of performance_sensitive#539
sql client show create procedure gets a fatal error#537
Support cicd from source code#535
Support adding index with any ts col#529
Upgrade codecov uploader#527
bug: openmldb sdk deploy name in ci#519
Bug: ast_node_converter_test run failed#516
bug: GetNsClient can’t get the new client if ns changed#515
Bug: hybridse compile error#513
Support non-performance-sensitive in batch mode for standalone version#510


aceforeverd ([email protected])
Chen22 ([email protected])
dl239 ([email protected])
HuangWei ([email protected])
Jinzhou Zhang ([email protected])
Shouren Yang ([email protected])
tobe ([email protected])


This week, we welcome two new project contributors, Jinzhou Zhang and Shouren Yang. Welcome! The more than ten pull requests merged this week are mainly to optimize and improve the stand-alone version of openmldb. One of the most important features is that the stand-alone version removes the dependence on zookeeper, can run directly without external dependence, and fixes many bugs such as startup script and DDL parser. The official version of the stand-alone version will be released at the end of the month, and a large number of related technology issues have been created and gradually completed in development.

More developers are welcome to pay attention and participateOpenMLDBOpen source projects.