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Graduate student’s life is coming to an end soon. I’m ashamed to say that although I have written some blogs before, most of them are gossip and reprinted articles. On the one hand, it goes against my original intention of blogging. On the one hand, I wrote a blog to review and consolidate what I learned, record my problems and the process of solving them. They are to improve their writing level and their logical expression ability. It turns out that the words “write” deviate from your original intention.

Present situation

The goal of human beings is always to pursue superiority. It is to get rid of inferiority and gain superiority

Many platforms have been tried before, such as CSDN, static / dynamic blog (hexo + GitHub / coding) and even bought their own domain name. Although there are many writing platforms and people willing to write, we have received more and more repeated knowledge. The Internet is full of copy and paste. To write a blog for the amount of visitors, to write for the sake of writing, without paying any attention at all. The blog is simply copied from books and Internet. It was found that a blog post in the blog Garden was copied and pasted by many people on CSDN.


I hope that what I write can really help those in need, so I plan to ask for restraint from the following aspects.

  • What is it? : introduce the motivation of writing this article, and when did you encounter this problem.
  • How do you do it? How to solve this problem? What are the ways.
  • Where can I use it? : available scenarios
  • Typography details, wrong words, beautiful illustrations, etc

In addition, I will strictly regulate every blog post I write according to the requirements of writing academic articles, and do better step by step.

Scope of coverage

Because I mainly study signal processing during my study, my blog will focus on the introduction of technology, including digital signal processing, C / C + +, array signal algorithm, audio algorithm. It may also be related to machine learning and deep learning. I wish I could learn everything.


I willMaintain the basic level of the author’s appellation and respect for the readers

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