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Beyond microservice microservice governance products

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Open trial, come soon!

Open trial, come soon!

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Product introduction

Beyond microservice microservice governance

Beyond microservice microservice governance aims at the problems of big architecture difference, complex service, complex operation and maintenance, and governance difficulties faced by the application of microservice architecture system. It helps enterprises build a microservice framework governance platform suitable for their business and current situation, provides detailed service topology, link tracking, performance monitoring, health detection and other functions, and can select service splitting methods and technologies Guide customers to develop microservice applications in terms of type and problem solving.

Function highlights

  • Heterogeneous compatibility of microservice framework

It is compatible with the microservice framework based on spring cloud / Dubbo / grpc / istio to help customers quickly deploy or migrate microservice applications.

  • Deep governance function of micro service

Pay close attention to the governance of running services, and provide routing control, flow control, access control, black and white list and other functions. And by aggregating services, it can realize the functions of service arrangement, online and offline.

  • Multiple governance components compatible and managed

It supports the governance and administration of multiple microservice components. It includes providing a unified configuration center for centralized management of all configuration files; providing access management for registration centers such as zookeeper, consult, Eureka, etc.; providing management of hystrix and sentinel required for fusing.

  • Distributed transaction

According to the business scenario, asynchronous message queue, 2pc, TCC are considered, and the task scheduling in microservice environment is realized by integrating distributed timing task components.

  • Call chain tracing

Draw the service topology diagram in the application, track the call relationship during business access, provide the performance monitoring of the whole link, and judge whether the service call is reasonable and efficient through the call relationship between services.

  • Independent API gateway

It provides independent API gateway functions, including API authentication, API release management, flow control, load balancing, and API scheduling capabilities.

  • Convenient micro service development scaffold

The development of microservices is difficult to use because of its framework. The development engineering template provided by the micro service governance platform of Boyun can help developers start quickly, reduce the threshold of microservice development, and make microservice developers devote more energy to business implementation.

  • Integration with docker container cloud platform

The business based on spring cloud, Dubbo and other micro service frameworks will be integrated with the container cloud based on kubernetes. Realize the functions of resource scheduling, publishing and running, monitoring and governance, start and stop of microservices, and truly realize the whole life cycle management of microservices.

Beyond API gateway

Beyond API can be an enterprise’s internal business platform as well as an external API. It provides four capabilities: API operation, API management, API portal and API governance. Its value lies in business integration of API management and gateway publishing, and provides enterprise scale API call and governance.

Function highlights

  • API portal

It is mainly used to show the exposed API of the platform to customers and provide the calling guidance module. It is mainly installed in the external network environment for the use of external network users, and supports the export of API documents.

  • API management

API management is the source of API, which is mainly used by developers, operation and maintenance personnel, background administrators to input or import API, and form API resource pool through the functions of revision. The functions include API design, online debugging, data structure association, status code description, API Group management, and swagger import.

  • API operations

It is mainly used for API gateway operation and maintenance personnel to publish APIs in resource pool to API portal in business mode, providing call ability and API description. In terms of capability, it supports multi gateway, multi version and common parameter template.

  • API governance

It mainly provides technical support, including routing and forwarding, current limiting and fusing, security authentication, load balancing, etc. it is the underlying technical implementation of the overall operation of API gateway, and also provides governance functions. In terms of governance capability, it supports user-defined plug-in extensions, API choreography capabilities, and protocol conversion capabilities.

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