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20 years has come to the end of the year, digital development is in full swing, the process of industrial digital intellectualization has been unstoppable, the surge of data volume has brought unprecedented opportunities to traditional enterprises, but also brought “sweet troubles”. How to make data become combat effectiveness? How to make digital development to a higher level? It is an urgent problem to be solved in the process of digital intelligence upgrading of many traditional enterprises.

What does digital intellectualization represent? Industry 4.0, made in China 2025 and new infrastructure are all calling for the upgrading of digital intelligence in traditional industries. From another point of view, the development of traditional industries is indeed facing bottlenecks. It is more urgent for offline business to switch to online business this year. Many traditional fields need digital intelligence to make differentiation advantages. Digital intelligence is the future and also a new life.

In order to help you grasp the dividend of digital intelligence and grasp the trend of technology development, on December 26, JD Zhilian cloud Technology Salon “implementation practice of industrial digital intelligence transformation” is about to open. This activity will deeply explain many technical dry goods concerned by developers, such as online conference building, traditional industry transformation, smart car networking and Devops transformation, with real experience and implementation cases Example to lead developers to adapt to the trend of digital transformation.

Time: December 26-13:00-17:30

Venue: multifunctional hall, 5th floor, building 12, Chuangye street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Activity schedule

  • 13: 00-13:30 activity check in
  • 13: 30-14:15 build an efficient and collaborative intelligent supply chain platform to promote the transformation of commercial concrete industry
  • 14: 15-15:00 from offline to online, digital technology driven upgrading of global exhibition
  • 15: 00-15:15 break & tea break
  • 15: 15-16:00 enterprise Devops transformation, difficulty breakthrough and implementation practice
  • 16: 00-16:45 construction of multi scene intelligent travel life based on the Internet of intelligent vehicles
  • sixteen : forty-five – seventeen : 15 interaction & communication

Topic introduction

Topic 1

Building an efficient and collaborative intelligent supply chain platform to promote the transformation of commercial concrete industry

Open the door of the number of

Lecturer profile:

Xu Junkai, senior product manager of the cloud Artificial Intelligence Platform Department of JD Zhilian, joined JD AI in 2017 and has been engaged in the landing of intelligent supply chain product solutions in various industries for a long time. He has successively landed several projects as the main product and completed in-depth research in three industries, including commercial concrete, coal and footwear; In 2020, as the main product, we will promote the intelligent supply chain project of concrete home, and complete the implementation of the whole process from product scheme design to platform online delivery.

Topic brief:

1. The development of intelligent supply chain;

2. Commercial concrete industry supply chain mode and core pain point analysis;

3. Analysis of the core and collaborative mode of industrial Internet;

4. Commercial concrete home platform construction example explanation.

Audience benefit:

1. Through the analysis of the supply chain mode of commercial concrete industry, we can understand the characteristics and pain points of the overall supply chain of construction industry;

2. Starting from the pain point of supply chain, understand the core of industrial Internet and the concept of collaboration;

3. From the analysis of landing examples, how can intelligent supply chain products drive the development of industrial Internet.

Topic 2

From offline to online, digital technology driven upgrading of global exhibition

Open the door of the number of

Lecturer introduction:

Hou Chao, director of product R & D Department of Jingdong Zhilian cloud. He has been working in tob industry for many years, focusing on product solution research and development. He has successively served as the product director of e-commerce cloud, commercialization, exhibition cloud and many other products in Jingdong.

Topic brief:

1. Affected by the epidemic situation, the offline exhibition industry is facing many challenges, as well as innovation opportunities;

2. After the exhibition is moved from offline to online, how to build an exhibition service online platform with the whole chain around the three exhibition scenes of “exhibition, discussion and negotiation”;

3. Taking the digital platform of the service trade fair as an example, this speech will analyze how to realize the integration of online and offline, create immersive exhibition experience, including technological breakthroughs and innovations in many functions such as online negotiation.

Audience benefit:

1. Online migration experience explanation of international large-scale offline conference rarely seen in the industry;

2. Full link digital platform building skills analysis;

3. Under the influence of the epidemic, the technology content on the global air outlet is just needed by the industry at present.

Topic 3

Enterprise Devops transformation, difficulty breakthrough and implementation practice

Open the door of the number of

Lecturer introduction:

Yuan Tao, solution architect of JD Zhilian cloud enterprise business department. He has been engaged in technology, pre-sales and delivery work in IBM, lingque cloud and other companies. He has long focused on enterprise application scenarios, agile collaboration, Devops, container PAAS, cloud native, cloud migration, automatic deployment, test and operation and maintenance, and has played various roles in R & D and operation and maintenance process.

Topic brief:

1. The problems and landing experience of enterprises in Devops transformation;

2. Explain several forms of Devops landing;

3. Project and agile dual model management methodology;

4. The implementation practice of Devops platform of Jingdong Xingyun.

Audience benefit:

1. Understand the problems and landing forms of enterprises in different industries in Devops transformation;

2. Understand the methodology and usage of JD in the field of project and agile dual mode management;

3. Master how to complete the landing based on the Devops platform of Jingdong Xingyun.

Topic 4

Construction of multi scene intelligent travel life based on Intelligent Internet of vehicles

Open the door of the number of

Lecturer profile:

Wen Zibin, technical architect of IOT product department of JD Zhilian cloud. He used to be the overall technical director of JD’s self-developed speaker, and now he is the technical director of JD’s Internet of vehicles, focusing on the technology research and development of Internet of things, especially in the direction of Internet of vehicles. In the Internet of things platform, car applet, scene engine, voice interaction and other aspects, there are successful products landing.

Topic brief:

1. Based on Jingdong’s service and technology, it creates multi Scene Travel and life solutions, realizes high-quality experience of people car home intelligent life, helps automobile enterprises enhance their competitiveness through product intelligence, and finds new business growth points for post market operation based on service digital intelligence transformation.

2. Taking the vehicle control screen as the carrier, combined with the natural language understanding products of JD Zhilian cloud, ASR, TTS and other voice technologies, the multi-mode interaction of touch screen, voice and multi screen is realized.

3. Integrate the technology of JD app and the industry knowledge of Internet of vehicles, build the platform of JD on-board app, and provide lightweight service output for car enterprises by means of privatization deployment, SaaS service or service output.

4. Based on self-developed technology real-time event driven framework, JD scene engine combines big data analysis, AI model prediction and other capabilities to provide users with functional service experience.

5. Integrate big data analysis and AI intelligent prediction to provide decision-making support for car enterprises in the direction of users’ car use, car maintenance and car sales, and build digital marketing solutions for the Internet of vehicles.

Audience benefit:

1. Examples of intelligent travel and life solution construction;

2. How to get through the online and offline service scenarios based on the on-board small program;

3. Based on the self-developed technology real-time event driven framework, combined with big data analysis, AI model prediction and other capabilities, the scene engine is built to get through the full cycle service of selling, using and maintaining cars.

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Whether it’s traditional industries or emerging forces, every industry will benefit from the storm of digital intelligence development. So as a developer, do you want to seize this trend and go to the forefront of the times?

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