[open source] wexbox 2 released



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It’s more than half a year since weexbox 1 was released. We have been trying to add exciting features in this half a year. Now it’s time to introduce weexbox 2.

Features of weexbox 2

On the basis of weexbox1, weexbox2 adds:

  • Typescript support
  • Global hot overload
  • Android 10 support
  • IOS 13 support
  • Support for flutter (optional)


It is observed that the official version of vue3 will be released next year. One of the important features is better typescript support. It is believed that there will be a TS wind. In fact, vue2 already supports pretty well, so wexbox has done this function first.
Using ts in weexbox does not require any additional configuration. It’s easy to change the place where JS was written to ts~

Global hot overload

In the past, when we were debugging, we had to scan QR code once to debug which page. If we have one function across multiple pages, we need to switch back and forth, wasting time. Why don’t I just start debugging once when the app starts? No matter which page I am on, I can change the code and refresh it immediately. Just like we developed the web, wexbox did it!


Weex has its limitations. When it can’t meet the needs, there are only two options. The original or reduces the requirements. Weexbox never made compromises, so we introduced flutter to make up for weex’s shortcomings.
The most important thing is that weexbox has opened the routing and communication functions of native, weex and shuttle, so that you can focus on the development of one end (you can also develop at multiple ends, just like the big front end of our company AMO) without worrying about the barriers between them.

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