“Open source software supply chain lighting plan – Summer 2020” announced the results, and the project based on chubaofs won the best quality award


“Open source software supply chain lighting plan – Summer 2020” announced the results, and the project based on chubaofs won the best quality award

“Summer 2020” is a summer activity for college students jointly organized by the Institute of software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the openeuler community and undertaken by the Nanjing Institute of software technology of the Institute of software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It aims to encourage college students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software communities in China.

The activity began in May. The students participating in the activity can independently choose the projects they are interested in, communicate the implementation scheme with the community tutor and write the project plan. Under the guidance of community tutors, the selected students complete the development work as planned and contribute the results to the community. After three months of development, the activity officially came to an end.

The event attracted 42 communities, 34 universities and 388 projects, including not only open source projects supported by international top open source foundations such as Linux, Apache and CNCF, but also open source projects contributed by domestic top enterprises such as JD.

In this activity, JD designed the development project based on the self-developed open source project chubaofs, and arranged senior tutors to communicate with applicants to guide students to complete the development as planned.

Chubaofs is a cloud native storage platform developed by JD. It provides distributed file system and object storage services, and provides a persistent storage scheme that separates computing and storage for cloud native applications. Chubaofs was first created in JD in 2017. The original purpose of the design is to provide a persistent storage solution for JD’s large container cluster. At the same time, it can also use the general storage on the job side. After long-term internal incubation and practical verification, JD donated chubaofs open source to CNCF and was listed in the cloud native landscape project by CNCF storage sig working group.

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Among the five outstanding students who won the best quality award, one student chose the chubaofs open source project and designed and developed the project of “deploying chubaofs monitor in kubernetes cluster based on rook” together with community tutors. After layer by layer screening, the quality, code readability The integrity of the document makes the project sustainable, which has been unanimously recognized by the community and the organizing committee, and won the best quality award.

“Summer 2020” provides an excellent, friendly and open communication platform for college students. So that students can really devote themselves to the development and maintenance of open source software, get the opportunity to be guided by senior open source software developers, promote the development of open source software in China and the construction of excellent open source software community, increase the activity of open source projects in China, and connect with the world in the field of open source.

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