Open download! Alios things quick development guide


Introduction:Alios things quick development guide teaches you from environment preparation to online and offline development and debugging. There are two typical scenarios for you to participate in. Your IOT development starts here! Get new skills~

Alios things is committed to building an integrated IOT infrastructure in the cloud, with the key capabilities of extreme performance, minimalist development, cloud integration, rich components, security protection, etc. Alios things supports a variety of devices connected to alicloud IOT platform, which can be widely used in smart home, smart city, industry, new travel and other fields.

“Alios things quick development guide” helps you to understand Alios things system and realize a starting operation from scratch. There are two typical practice scenarios to teach you the development of the Internet of things from entry to mastery.

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Open download! Alios things quick development guide

Open download! Alios things quick development guide

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Meet Alios things

Alios things, released at the 2017 Hangzhou cloud habitat conference, is a highly scalable Internet of things operating system for IOT under the Alios family.
Open download! Alios things quick development guide
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Preparation before development

Before running the Alios things system, you need to make a series of preparations, including setting up the environment, installing the driver device, downloading the source code of Alios things system, and installing the development tool Alios studio. This section details how to complete these preparations. >>Click to view the specific installation steps

Using offline development board for development and debugging

This section mainly introduces how to use vscode for project compilation, firmware burning and serial port monitoring. >>Click to see the specific steps

Use the online development board for development and debugging

When you do not have a ready-made development board, you can also use the online development board to debug and verify your program. This section mainly introduces the use process of the online development board.

Restrictions on use
The use of online development board has the following restrictions:

  • No additional devices can be connected.
  • You cannot interact with the device physically, such as keystroke interaction.
  • It is not possible to observe the physical state of the device, such as the flashing of LED lights.
  • GDB debugging is not supported.

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Using Alios things to quickly build thermometer applications

This section is based on Alios things 3.1. It involves the development of Alios things components, the construction of Alios things user project, the use of Alios things Hal API, and the addition and use of components in Alios things. The hardware equipments used include semiconductor development board, temperature sensor and digital tube display. >>Click to see the details

Using Alios things to quickly build RGB lamp application

This section will build applications based on AliOS Things 3.1 system, which controls the color of RGB lights through Alipay applet. >>Click to view the implementation details

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