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Recently, the industry cloud native application report guide jointly compiled by doit Baiyi media, academia and cloud native industry experts was officially released. Boyun participated in the joint compilation of this white paper, and provided suggestions for traditional enterprises to understand and use cloud native technology to realize digital transformation by using cloud native technology for many years.

“Industry cloud native application report guide” introduces the main technologies of microservices, Devops, kbuernets, containers, distributed applications and other technical fields and their importance to cloud nativity. It also roughly introduces how to put these technologies and product solutions into practice in the industry, improve the cloud native ability of enterprises, and change the passive situation. It is based on the perspective of users The interpretation of hair provides analysis and guidance for enterprise users’ cloud native road.

The report shows that cloud computing applications in traditional industries have entered the PAAS platform stage——Cloud original biochemical development based on the platform realizes the gradual transformation of traditional applications。 From a technical point of view, the container + new PAAS platform has the advantages of agile deployment, flexible scaling and flexible scheduling. Combined with, Devops and microservices, enterprises can quickly embark on the road of cloud native transformation. The white paper also emphasizes that building a platform is the starting point, not the purpose, but a means and tool, but not a business application. It is imperative to make good use of the container + new PAAS platform to accelerate the deployment of cloud based biochemical products.

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As a domestic PAAS service provider focusing on serving enterprise level users, Boyun has formed a product layout with independent R & D PAAS technology midrange and multi cloud management as the core with its in-depth understanding of customer needs and continuous tracking and investment in cloud native technology.

Through PAAS product system of container, micro service and Devops products, Boyun has helped Agricultural Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, Huatai Securities, Orient Securities, Bank of Jiangsu, Suzhou Agricultural commercial bank, China Mobile, China Unicom, PetroChina, Anxin securities, China Life Insurance, Geely Automobile, Hisense Group and other banks, securities, insurance, Internet finance, energy and government affairs Help 200 enterprises transform their traditional business architecture, such as cloud enterprise architecture, cloud business architecture, and so on. Recently, “China Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center Marketing Rubik’s Cube” and “Guangdong power grid – R & D operation and maintenance integration platform”, which are provided by Boyun products and services, have won the top ten outstanding cases of cloud native application selected by cloud computing open source industry alliance.

Boyun actively participates in the formulation of cloud native technology standards, and promotes the in-depth application of cloud native technology in various industries with its rich practical experience and profound technical ability. In the future, Boyun will continue to increase R & D investment in cloud native technology, help enterprises realize digital transformation through cloud native technology, and contribute to the mature development of cloud native technology and industrial ecology in China.

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