One week Xinchuang public opinion observation (6.8 ~ 6.14)


1、 Key points of public opinion in a week

The year 2020 will be the first year for the large-scale implementation of Xinchuang. Since May, the proportion of CITIC innovation in public bidding of Telecom and financial industries has increased. At present, local governments have started bidding in succession. It is expected that Xinchuang bidding will be fully launched from June to July.

The influence of “entity list” in the United States has expanded, and MATLAB software has been banned from Harbin Institute of technology and Harbin Engineering, which will further activate the concept of Xinchuang.

Beijing’s new infrastructure has been speeded up, and Xinchuang applied ecological construction has been included in the plan. On June 10, Beijing disclosed the new infrastructure plan, focusing on six major directions: “new network infrastructure, data intelligence infrastructure, ecosystem infrastructure, science and technology innovation platform infrastructure, smart application infrastructure, and trusted security infrastructure”. In terms of Xinchuang, the plan proposes to rely on the Xinchuang park to enhance the collaborative R & D capability of the underlying software and hardware, and build an application ecology of “two centers and three platforms”.

2、 Policy trends

1. The Ministry of industry and information technology released the first batch of industry standards development and revision plan in 2020

According to the general arrangement for the formulation and revision of industrial and communication industry standards, the Ministry of industry and information technology has completed the first batch of industry standard formulation and revision project plan in 2020, and issued the notice on printing and distributing the first batch of industry standard formulation and revision project plan in 2020, according to the general arrangement of the industry and communication industry standard development and revision work.

The development and revision project plan includes 5g and next generation mobile unified information standard project schedule, artificial intelligence standard project schedule, industrial Internet standard project schedule and network data security standard project schedule.

It is mentioned in the revised project plan that 415 project plans will be arranged in the first batch in 2020. Among them, 287 items were formulated and 128 items were revised; 177 key special standards, 39 basic public welfare standards and 199 general standards; 396 product standards and 19 energy conservation and comprehensive utilization standards were formulated. (website of MIIT)

2. Beijing unveils new infrastructure action plan focusing on six major directions including ecosystem infrastructure

On June 9, Beijing issued several opinions on accelerating the cultivation and expansion of new formats and new models to promote the high-quality development of Beijing’s economy, proposing to create a “1 + 5 + n” policy system. As the first of the “five plans”, the action plan for accelerating the construction of new infrastructure in Beijing (2020-2022) is regarded as an important measure to promote the steady economic growth and high-quality development of Beijing.

The new infrastructure action plan disclosed this time focuses on the six directions of “new network infrastructure, data intelligence infrastructure, ecosystem infrastructure, science and technology innovation platform infrastructure, smart application infrastructure and trusted security infrastructure”, and implements 30 key tasks of “new network, new elements, new ecology, new platform, new application and new security”. The goal is that by 2022, Beijing will basically build a new international leading infrastructure with stable network foundation, intelligent data integration, perfect industrial ecology, active platform innovation, rich application wisdom, security, credibility and controllability.

In the field of information innovation, the plan proposes to rely on the Xinchuang Park, improve the collaborative R & D capability of the underlying software and hardware, and build the application ecology of “two centers and three platforms”. Support the construction of large-scale open-source training platform and high-performance reasoning engine supporting multi terminal and multi platform deployment, and form an industrial level open-source model library for industrial applications and covering multiple fields. Encourage enterprises to develop and operate open source code hosting platforms, support application innovation of shared software, intelligent algorithm, industrial control, network security based on sharing platform, and promote the formation of collaborative R & D and rapid iterative innovation ecology. We will promote the construction of national Beidou innovation and application comprehensive demonstration area, and create a “Beidou +” integrated application ecosystem. (Economic Daily)

3、 Summary of key public opinions

1. Xinchuang bidding speed up 2020 or the first year of achievement realization

One week Xinchuang public opinion observation (6.8 ~ 6.14)

Source: government procurement website

Since May, China Telecom, China Mobile and other operators as well as large state-owned banks represented by ABC and ICBC have opened the mode of domestic equipment procurement. Societe Generale Securities believes that finance, telecommunications and other industries have high business complexity and low risk tolerance, so it is more stringent on it equipment procurement. Judging from the current situation of Xinchuang bidding, the most difficult financial and telecom industries are accelerating their landing.

In addition, according to the recent information disclosed by local governments, some provinces and cities have started bidding. Tianfeng Securities believes that from the end of June to July, Xinchuang bidding in the fields of Party and government is expected to be fully launched, and this year will be the first year for the implementation of Xinchuang on a large scale. In terms of software, Tongxin and Qilin will be the main manufacturers in the operating system market. Tongxin is expected to occupy a certain share in the PC market. The advantages of Tongxin in the industry market are prominent, and the investment in the server market will be increased in the future; the office software Jinshan is the largest; Dongfang Tong is dominant in the middleware field, but the price competition pressure is increasing. (Tianfeng viewpoint)

4、 Local news

1. Tianjin establishes information technology application innovation Working Committee

On June 12, Tianjin information technology application innovation Working Committee was established. Kong Jinzhu, the first chairman of the municipal Xinchuang Working Committee and executive president of Qilin Software Co., Ltd., introduced that after the establishment of the municipal Xinchuang Working Committee, it will carry out work in three key aspects, namely, key generic technologies and standards, ecological construction and application promotion, and talent training. (tonight’s paper)

2. The action plan for Hangzhou to strengthen digital empowerment and promote “six new” development will be issued in the near future

On June 14, Hangzhou held a media exchange meeting to promote the “six new” development. According to the conference, after preliminary planning and research, the “Hangzhou action plan for strengthening digital empowerment and promoting” six new “development has been formed. In the near future, it will be issued and implemented by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. According to the plan, Hangzhou will adopt a series of measures in six aspects. In terms of promoting new infrastructure, five measures are proposed, including accelerating the construction of 5g, accelerating the construction of green demonstration data center, accelerating the construction of air ground integrated unmanned system, building “cloud computing city”, and accelerating the construction of major scientific infrastructure. (Qianjiang Evening News)

3. Quanzhou will build 12 new infrastructure and new economic bases with a total investment of more than 200 billion yuan

On June 12, Quanzhou held a new infrastructure and new economic base construction competition mobilization meeting. It was mentioned at the meeting that 12 new infrastructure and new economic bases will be built in Quanzhou, involving a total investment of more than 200 billion yuan in new infrastructure and new economy projects. The 12 new infrastructure and new economic bases are distributed in 8 counties (cities and districts) including Licheng, Fengze, Luojiang, Jinjiang and Nan’an, including sensor intelligent manufacturing industrial base, Gucheng digital cultural and creative animation base, space-time industrial base, intelligent equipment manufacturing integrated circuit base, human-computer interaction industry base, digital Fujian (Anxi) industrial base, “core Valley” Nan’an base, and new digital display It includes industrial base, software and industrial design base, Zhichuang industrial base, intelligent logistics industry base, smart grid electric appliance industrial base, etc. (Quanzhou, Minnan)

5、 Industry trends

1. The influence of “entity list” in the United States expanded, and MATLAB software was banned from Harbin Institute of technology and Harbin Engineering

According to machine heart and other media reports, the legitimate MATLAB used by teachers and students of Harbin Institute of technology and Harbin Engineering has been unable to be activated recently. The activated genuine matlab jumps out of the notice of deactivation, and then shows that the authorization license is invalid, and the website cannot log in to the domain name account of hit. MathWorks responded that it has just been informed that according to the latest import and export control list of the US government, it can no longer provide services. Please pay attention to the school’s notice in the future. The teacher in charge of technical support of Harbin Institute of technology responded that since June 6, 2020, the normal use of Matlab was affected due to the fact that Harbin Institute of technology was included in the list of entities of the U.S. Department of Commerce. At present, it is actively communicating with MathWorks of the United States. (it home)

2. Open source beos operating system haiku R1 / beta2 released

Haiku, an open source beos operating system, released its second beta 20 months after its first beta. Beos stopped developing after it was acquired by palm in 2001. Haiku project was officially launched shortly after that. The first version was released in 2002, haiku R1 alpha 4.1 was released in 2012, and Haiku R1 / beta1 was released six years later. Compared with beta1, beta2 improves hardware support and overall stability.

The main changes of the new version include: improved hidpi support, improved Deskbar, new input device preference panel, improved built-in browser webpositive, more porting software, improved installation program, nvme support, improved xhci (usb3) support, improved kernel stability and performance, etc. (cnBeta)

3. Microsoft: Windows 10 supports nested virtualization technology on AMD platform

Recently, Microsoft announced that the nested virtualization function based on AMD platform is coming soon, and is currently in the early test of windows 10 vNext (build 19636). The support of virtualization technology based on Linux KVM will be launched in the future. Nested virtualization is a very popular feature for many professional and enterprise users, especially developers, because it can simplify many high-level development requirements. It is reported that users have been very vocal about the nested virtualization function based on AMD platform, and the number of feedback votes for this function is five times that of the next feedback. (fast technology)

4、Linux Kernel 5.7.1release

Linux kernel 5.7.1 was released recently. This is a small update version. There is no major patch introduced. The code involved is only over 100 lines. However, all users of Linux kernel 5.7 are advised to upgrade to this version. Linux 5.7.1 retransports hid code for some devices’ multi touch processing, provides new device ID for airvast USB device, provides mt76 driver support for new version of Xbox one WiFi adapter, and fixes damaged buttons on DS3 USB dongle. (Reeves)

5. Domestic “Tianyue” computer sets up production line in Sichuan, the first complete machine is off line

On June 10, the first “Tianyue” computer in Sichuan Province, with all core components including chip, operating system and motherboard, was successfully offline in Huayingshan Economic Development Zone, Huaying City. The “Tianyue” computer, which was launched in March 2020 in huajinrun Information Technology Industrial Park of Huayingshan Economic Development Zone, was independently researched and developed by the 706 Institute of the second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and industry group. The first phase of the intelligent manufacturing production line of the whole machine has been completed, and the production capacity of 100000 domestic computers has been realized. In 2021, the second phase project will be launched with an annual output of 300000 domestic computers The construction of computer production line is expected to be completed by 2022, with an annual production capacity of 600000 domestic computers. (Guang’an daily)

6. Microsoft power platform in China

Microsoft announced that the low code commercial application development platform in the cloud era and the power platform operated by century Internet have been officially put into commercial use in the Chinese market. As a unified low code development platform launched by Microsoft, power platform provides a fully visual and low code national development experience, which can realize the “troika” of Microsoft intelligent cloud, including Microsoft azure, Microsoft 365 and dynamics The integration, customization and expansion of 365 can also seamlessly connect with third-party business applications and data services, helping commercial customers easily obtain data insight, create business applications, and accelerate the realization of business process automation. (Zhongguancun Online)

7. IDC: Q1 global general server manufacturer’s revenue drops 9% year on year

Recently, IDC released the global x86 server market tracking report in the first quarter of 2020. The revenue of global general server manufacturers was 16.84 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 9.1%, and the shipment volume was 2.5 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 0.2%. Sebastian Lagana, a global analyst at IDC, believes that the demand of CSP, a cloud service provider, is strong in this quarter, but the demand of traditional enterprise customers is slowing down. The new crown epidemic has affected the normal operation of the global supply chain, and many manufacturers’ orders have been delayed. As a result, the global market has declined to a certain extent.

The global competition pattern is relatively stable. The top three companies in the market are Dell, HPE and Inspur. The revenue of Dell manufacturers decreased by 13%, that of HPE manufacturers decreased by 21.9%, and that of Inspur manufacturers increased by 11%. Dell is the only mainstream manufacturer to achieve double-digit growth. (China News Network)

6、 Company news

1. CETC cloud releases the first cloud desktop of all information innovation architecture

On June 9, China Power Technology cloud Corporation released the first cloud desktop of all information innovation architecture in Beijing. It adopts a unified information innovation architecture, carries national production chips, operating systems and applications, and realizes the end-to-end nationwide production adaptation and the independent security of the whole platform from hardware to software. According to Wang Chengjun, product manager of cloud Xinchuang cloud desktop of CETC, compared with the traditional PC architecture, the launch of Xinchuang cloud desktop can shorten the response time of failure and demand from hours to minutes, reduce customer management costs by 50%, make full use of computing and storage resources, and support online second level capacity expansion and on-demand distribution. (Xinhua)

2. Zhangzhou zhongkezhigu signed a contract with China Aerospace Science and Engineering Co., Ltd. to jointly build the information and innovation industry project

A few days ago, Zhangzhou zhongkezhigu and the 706 Institute of the second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and industry group held a signing ceremony for the joint construction of the information and innovation industry project (Tianyue desktop complete machine project) in Zhangzhou. The Tianyue desktop complete machine project signed by both sides is planned to be settled in zhongkezhigu Industrial Park, Zhangzhou Taiwan business investment zone, with a total investment of 300 million yuan. According to the product industry standards and national standards, the project integrates the main board and chassis provided by China Aerospace Science and engineering 706 to produce, manufacture and sell Tianyue desktop complete machine products (based on Loongson and Feiteng chips). After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual output value can exceed 1 billion yuan, and the tax payment is more than 50 million yuan. (southeast network)

3. Tianjin Binhai high tech Zone and China Great Wall Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed project cooperation agreement

On June 8, Tianjin Binhai high tech Zone signed a project cooperation agreement with China Great Wall Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., which also marked that the project of China Great Wall (Tianjin) independent innovation base officially settled in the marine science and Technology Park of Tianjin Binhai high tech Zone. The project is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Great Wall Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. the main products of phase I are computer machines, with an annual production capacity of 300000 units. It is reported that the cooperation will rely on the technical, industrial and ecological advantages of the great wall of China in the field of independent security computer industry to create an independent and secure computer intelligent manufacturing center based in Tianjin, radiating Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and facing Bohai rim. (China high tech Industry Guide)

4. Qianxin and Anxin netshield reach strategic cooperation

On June 10, Qianxin and Anxin netshield announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation in the field of server security. Both sides will focus on memory protection technology and jointly promote the upgrading of server security protection system. (36 krypton)

5. 360 wholly owned acquisition of Hans technology to increase government enterprise security business

Recently, 360 announced its wholly-owned acquisition of Hans technology. After the acquisition, Hans technology management team and employees will join 360 government enterprise security team, deeply participate in the research and development design and strategy implementation of 360 security brain, and jointly promote the development of 360 major security strategy. Previously, in April, 360 wholly owned the acquisition of enterprise file management and collaboration product Yifang cloud. After the acquisition, Yifang cloud will maintain independent development, complement and cooperate with 360 security cloud disk in products, and upgrade product services around “enterprise network disk + collaborative office” business.

From the acquisition characteristics of 360, it will focus on the development of Internet security core business, among which, government and enterprise security may become an important direction of 360’s investment and development in the future. (Changjiang business daily)

6. Ant group set up independent database company oceanbase

It was reported on June 8, Beijing time that ant group announced that it would independently operate oceanbase, a self-developed database product, and set up Beijing Aoxing bass Technology Co., Ltd., which is 100% controlled by ant. Hu Xiaoming, CEO of ant group, personally served as the chairman of the board. The move marks the large-scale commercialization of ant’s star technology product, and also promotes the distributed database, the top self-developed technology in China, into a new stage of development. It is understood that the new company will release a major version upgrade within this year, adding analytical business processing capacity on the basis of the original functions, and oceanbase will be upgraded to an enterprise level distributed database supporting HTAP mixed load. Oceanbase also announced that it will serve more than 10000 enterprise customers worldwide in the next three years. (Zhongguancun Online)