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WordPress is one of the best blogging systems available. It is small in size, powerful in function, easy to use, in line with the network standards, rich in theme and plug-in resources, and popular with netizens. From the perspective of Google trend, since 2006, the search volume of WordPress among Chinese users has increased dramatically, which shows that it is deeply loved by the majority of netizens.

The two main developers of WordPress are Ryan Boren and Matthew Mullenweg. The former is an engineer of Cisco system, who enjoys developing free software in his spare time; the latter works for it media (CNET networks) and has his own company (Mobius Limited), and writing software is purely personal interest. Developing WordPress was originally someone’s hobby, and accidentally made a great blog system. Of course, in addition to these two, WordPress community also has many contributors, bug committers, plug-ins and theme developers. Their joint efforts have made WordPress successful. Although we can’t remember their names, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Due to the active contributions of netizens in the WordPress open source community, WordPress has the advantages that ordinary commercial software cannot match. The volume of WordPress is very small. The latest WordPress version 2.1, the original English version is only 829 KB, and dianyou released the Chinese version, the volume is only 966 KB. Although the volume is small, the function is not discounted. It basically has all the functions of a blog system, and fully conforms to the web standard. It is friendly to search engines, easy to modify code, very simple to use, and has rich interfaces to expand.

Since the release of WordPress 2.1 on January 22, the download volume of the original English version has been 286718 in only 15 days. This does not include a separate release of a localized language pack from a site like many little games. The charm of WordPress can be seen here.

Updated on April 20, 2008, the latest version of WordPress is WordPress 2.5, and the Chinese version can be downloaded from WordPress Chinese station.

WordPress is built with the classic combination of PHP MySQL, and like PHP and MYSQL, they are open source projects. PHP is a very widely used network programming language, MySQL is the most successful open source database. It’s the best combination for performance and economics.

The charm of WordPress lies not only in its convenient use and powerful functions, but also in its rich community of plug-ins and theme resources for users to choose from. WordPress’s open interface makes it easy to add new features and customize personalized themes. WordPress’s open source community is rich in plug-ins and themes. These plug-ins can basically meet the needs of most Internet users. These themes can make you easily change the style of the website. These themes have different styles. There will always be one that is suitable for you, even if you modify the code yourself, it is very convenient.

In order to express their love for WordPress, WordPress fans even composed a song for it’s called WordPress. If you are interested, you can click here to download and listen, or click here to watch the MV online.

At present, there are many WordPress users in China. For example, doews, a famous it portal in China, is the WordPress system used. There are more individual users, and the most visited I know is that the third cousin is not allowed to associate. More about WordPress’s technical communities and websites. Here are just a few: dianyou, on the way, yskin’s blog, belly breaking, etc.

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